Girl alone sailed round the world

After giving up work, Liz Clark traveled alone on a sailboat in the words urging from her professor.

Liz Clark, 34, came from the city of San Diego, State of California, United States of America quit in 2006 to make the trip around the world with Galleon. This idea comes from her professor named Arent. H. Schuyer.


At the age of 80, he insisted on proposing Liz brought the boat to go across the world and turn all your life dreams into reality. “Professor has never lived on the boat and would like me to do that,” Liz says.

Small boat of Professor Arent h. Schuyer. Photo: Liz Clark.

Mr. Schuyer died in 2011 and up to see Liz reached the initial success from earlier. To date, she has made the long journey to more than 40,000 km by sea. The ship was to dock at many beautiful country like Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands.

Liz ever stop in overseas regions of French Polynesia and taught at a local school. True wishes of Professor Schuyer, she always remembered every moment of the trip.

Before actually beginning the adventure, this woman spent 1.5 years boating with family, friends and who prepared it. Studied environmental studies at the University of Santa Barbara, California, Liz did not want to be part of the negative effect to nature.

“With desire a life close to nature, challenged the hearts, brains and physical strength, I will continue to make endless journey” she expressed determination.

Liz also said that he received a great deal of sharing on the go. “All those interested, sincere help from people in the places I go to with the support of family, friends, and has become the spiritual prop,” she shares.

Liz Clark, yacht, around the world, travel, travel
In Tahiti in 2013, Liz sees the cat and put it up to play at a time. Photo: Liz Clark.

The upcoming leg of Liz is Micronesia-a group of islands in Oceania with affirmation would continue higher to hoist sails, sailing boat to the West the globe though the plan would be defined.

“I will go with a single purpose — making the world a better place out there and improve themselves. Every anniversary despite bitterness or splendor, I’ve always respected by the life journey of each person is created from the ups and downs that, “Liz said. Though the trip was so great, sometimes she acknowledged was still felt alone and always hoped someday to find an ideal friend.

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