Resorts preferred Victoria’s Secret Angels

The romantic island of Bora Bora or Hawaii as the location where the internal medicine of Victoria’s Secret always choose to go on holiday.

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Jac Jagaciak enjoyed holidays in the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Balearic Islands of Poland. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife with its bars, club where the world’s top DJS. The island has the crowded beaches and secluded places for people who like privacy, quiet.

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Alessandra Ambrosio is always directed toward his hometown of FlorianĂ³polis in Brazil.The city is an interesting place consists of a large peninsula connected to the other small islands around by bridge or boat. FlorianĂ³polis proud 42 white beaches excellent for those who love sunbathing and surfing.

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The angels have the glamorous forked Chin Josephine Skriver , mesmerizing Titus Hawaii, especially the islands of Kauai, the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai has lovely beaches with sand, yellow-orange and blue water. This is also where the film Jurassic Park was filmed.

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The beauty of the island of Barbados could reach a lot of people, including her Joan Smallsare beautiful. Joan shares her loves Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, which has fine sand beaches, clear waters.

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Her personality Jasmine Tookes never feel bored in Bora Bora-a beautiful island in the South Pacific. Bora Bora are surrounded by coral reefs with soft beaches, the luxury bungalow has located in the list of the most romantic destinations in the world.

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Sweet angel Candice Swanepeol replied in an interview that she has a special love for Brazil since first coming here in 17 years. Candice loves both the culture, cuisine, music, people, vegetation and beaches in Brazil.

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Swedish super model Elsa Hosk always returns to Stockholm-her hometown every time off.Stockholm’s where Elsa was born, she always liked to visit her parents and go swimming or walk by sailing here.

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Spent his childhood in the coastal city of Santa Monica so Lily Aldridge has a boundless love for the sea. After taking the photos at Dorado in Puerto Rico, Angel Victoria’s Secret medicine cabinet has suffered sunstroke beautiful scenery of this place. Dorado also has one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world.

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Growing up in Cape Town, one of the largest coastal cities in the world should Behati Prinsloo don’t need to find any other place that is usually on vacation here with his family.The Pearl of South Africa there is gorgeous scenery with brilliant beaches, friendly people.

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