Scores dissipated favorite among the rich Middle East

While Chinese billionaires like spending money at the casinos of Las Vegas, the wealthy Middle East prefer to enjoy summer vacation in the Mediterranean region.

Here are some famous tourist destination once the wealthy Middle East landings every summer.

French Riviera, France


La Mirandole is a beautiful beach city of French Riviera, France. Villa near here is the Royal Saudi chosen vacation spot for 3 weeks.

Components outside the family trip there Sultan Salman relatives, friends, entourage, all about 1,000 people. In it, the king and trusted people staying at the villa, about 700 people will spend the night in hotels in Cannes.

London , England , Cannes , France , the rich , the Middle EastSultan mansion where Saudi Arabia will close to the beach in La Mirandole. Photo: Reuters

However, the vacation of the Royal Saudi Arabia led the local government to close the beach La Mirandole to ensure security. This sparked violent protests by French people.

Sultan Salman villa located in front of the beach La Mirandole should all entrances were blocked and guarded with police. In addition, the ships were banned fro in the sea near the area. Expected La Mirandole beach will be closed until the holiday ends Arabian royal, ie near the end of August.

London, England

He is also the capital of the wealthy are often chosen as the Middle East, to escape the heat in summer. For transportation, transfer giants are both luxurious box his driver to UK. With the landing of the supercars, vacation of the wealthy Middle East attracted many people’s attention London.

20150729155438--2 Bettertraveltips.comSupercar coming from Arab After going parked in the garage of luxury hotels in Kensington.Photo: SWNS

Visitors as well as Londoners not only be watching and taking photos with the dream car, but also the hands touching the crystals is attached outside the body picky.

According to a survey of the New World Information Service Wealth and consulting organizations Lio Global resettlement, England is a favorite of the world’s super-rich, including the billionaires from the Middle East.

Cannes, France

In addition to London, the city of Cannes in France also regularly appear supercar of Middle East players when summer came. Here, visitors will encounter the supercar scene staging ratings hundred meters long on the seaside road. Many joked when summer comes, Cannes is the gathering place of the most famous car in the world.

20150729155438--3 Bettertraveltips.comAzzam yacht named the UAE president. Photo: digitalaychtnews.

Also supercar, Cannes also become more crowded every festival season with the luxury yachts of the rich Middle East. Many of the gatherings in Cannes on the list of 100 largest yacht as the yacht of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – President of United Arab Emirates UAE, who owns the largest superyacht world (180 meters), or yacht of Dubai Emirate Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum …

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