Select tourist attractions consistent with style

You adventurous, youthful and vibrant, trendy or savings … will have the appropriate destination.

Everyone has a personality, personal preferences should Huffingtonpost synthesized tourist attractions to suit each object. Go right place for me, you will unleash experience something incredibly wonderful. On the other hand, you also know I do not fit the place to avoid feeling uncomfortable during the voyage.

Venturing: Queenstown, New Zealand


Queenstown, New Zealand is a paradise for those who have blood adventure. Although travel season, you’ll find a wealth of exciting fun as jumping Kawarau Suspension Bridge – the birthplace of bungee games, play giant swings on the River Nevis, circling the narrow river on boat speed as Jet, take a helicopter to ski on eternal glaciers …

Young dynamic: Eugene, Oregon, USA


Eugene, USA is one of the cities with the good life, safe environment, beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, friendly people open. This city is known as a dynamic capital. Nike shoe company has started his business here.

Elegant gourmet: Palm Beach, Florida, USA


Beautiful sea and pleasant climate have helped Palm Beach became the golden beaches of Florida. A symbol of luxury with magnificent villas, luxury resorts, the leisure club … here are always welcome so many names in the elite.

Saves: Chiang Mai, Thailand


A day in Chiang Mai only cost around 20 USD thanks to affordable food, cheap motel room, and lots of free attractions. You will admire the unique architecture of temples, the food exquisite handicrafts and beautiful natural landscapes.

Graffiti Art: Bogota, Colombia


Except for state agencies and the monuments, the rest of the people are fascinated graffiti mecca. The painting is everywhere, from the desert to the shops, markets, bus station, from where the buildings to the alley … It’s not nonsense squiggly strokes that always contain messages, engraving Painting life in the most complex cities in the South American.

City beer: Portland, Oregon, USA


Portland has a lot of great craft breweries and drinks that have little claim to fame for this city.You easily find pubs to sit sipping a glass between open space. Annual Beer Festival is the event here also attract many visitors.

City happy: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen was ranked in the world’s happiest places. People here are focused on establishing a healthy lifestyle, less stress, better balance between work life, traveled by bicycle to avoid congestion scene, many of the green campus.

Vegetarianism: Tel Aviv, Israel


In Tel Aviv there are more than 400 restaurants serving vegetarian. This means you will have more options outside the falafel dish made from beans. Even Pizza Domino here also vegetarian pizza to customers.

Coffee lovers: Melbourne, Australia


City always passionate coffee scent when hundreds shop nestled in the small streets. You will enjoy the unique coffee baristas from enthusiastic. In Melbourne, the coffee is a unique cultural and Melbourne Coffee Review newspaper was founded to specialize in writing about this drink.

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