These work can help you travel around world

Go traveling around the world and still earn money during travel which is a dream of many people. Here are the work suggested by Skyscanner help you can easily travel around the world.


Photographers are always the people have more opportunities to travel and while this is one profession that you can make money from the passion of self.


What you need is a camera, good pictures and important that you must know how to market to sell the photos for magazines or travel sites.

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Similarly photographers, because of the work of archeologists also have more opportunity to move around the world to unearth and study the ruins. This work is quite perfect for people who love the history, culture and passion for discovery, tourism.



Musicians not an easy task but if you are a musician, you can rest assured because you will have the opportunity to travel a lot of places, even over the world through touring.


Flight attendant

Newly free flight, has been going around the world it’s the job of the flight attendants. Sure, most of the time you work and the time you are traveling, but the limitations of this job is that you do not have much time to get out own and explore places that you arrive.


Tour guide

Newly free travel and even just get paid for the work that they are not selected wondering what tour guide job, right? In addition, it is also the work that you can experience the most complete cultures and local history while traveling.


Working in the computer field

All you need is a laptop, internet connection and you can easily work from anywhere. Some work in the field of computers can help you easily make money, such as programmers, web designers, data entry …


Working on cruise ships

If you want to travel then of course, you should get a job related to tourism such as the work on the cruise ship as captain, sailor, cook … Work on Ship tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many beautiful harbors around the world. However, this is not easy work, especially for those who are seasick.



Whether you are a celebrity or celebrities is simply a supporting actor are each involved different films you will have the opportunity to move to different locations. And you can fully take advantage of idle time to tour the surrounding area.


Journalist or reporter

Write your passion and then became a journalist or reporter will be the travel ticket so you can travel. If a journalist or reporter you will have the opportunity to participate in many events such as sports, festivals, concerts, …



There are a variety of things you can do to satisfy your travel preferences and become diplomats is one such work. However, to become a diplomat, you will have to do the test on extremely strict qualifications. In return, you can go around the world and meet and contact with the alien.



Aupair is a cultural exchange program for foreign students staying with a family of indigenous people in another country, learn culture and language of that country through everyday life.You can assist your family guarantee do chores, such as cleaning, gardening, baby care, in return you will receive a monthly pocket money and use that money to travel everywhere.Aupair contract period may be a week, a month, a year …



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