Tips for whom traveling abroad for the first time

You should be calculated to avoid spending too far, choose destinations matching personality or actively planning to face the worst situation may occur.

Here are some tips that specialist travel sites Bettertraveltips sent to readers – those who first prepared for the long trip.


Financial control

Before traveling, you should calculate yourself how much money and how many live comfortably in his day at the. In addition to daily expenses, you should also save some money for the costs incurred as a taxi, tip for tour guides, hotel staff …

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According to many experienced travelers, time to discover the beauty of a reasonable place from 6 to 10 days.

Select destination matching character

If you are a tourist favorite safe, Japan and Singapore are the appropriate place. But if you are an adventurous person, hate boredom, wide mountain river where the long, rugged terrain and many adventure games will be more attractive. Therefore, choose your location carefully to, to be able to discover where the most interesting new way according to your preferences.

Look carefully about where they come

Will never admit if you do your homework about where they will go. Apart from the cost dining, beauty and culture of the places you will visit, you also need to take note of the safety of the destination. Bad weather, political situation, economic instability … also are factors you should think carefully before deciding to visit.

Also, should pocket addresses, phone numbers for help when trust in trouble as the embassy, ​​the nearest police station where you will stay.

Use the card instead of cash

You should only carry a certain amount of cash avoid crashing or stolen wallet. Instead, you should use the ATM card, Visa to pay each purchase, because if lost wallet, your money has been preserved intact.

Also, there are many cards to use program will accumulate points in exchange for prizes.Thus, the card will cost you Doubly.

Devise a plan for the worst case

For the guests love to travel, they have traveled and have experienced bad cope when situations occur. But with the first abroad, not everyone is calm enough if something goes wrong. Therefore when planning, you should be prepared for the worst case scenario can occur, as well as workarounds to be active in everything.

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