Top 6 souvenir sense when traveling in Japan

Japanese tourists, many visitors do not know what to choose to buy what food to bring back as souvenirs for relatives and friends. The suggestions below will help you to easily choose the interesting souvenirs but equally significant, but prices are “soft”.

1. Maneki-Neko lucky cat


Cat Maneki Neko (lucky cat) are very many young Japanese tourist gift sought by this means to bring good luck and prosperity in business. Therefore, your loved ones will deeply moved when receiving cats of its kind “portable”, are you “stole” from the country of Japan.

You can buy the cat in the souvenir shop with all shapes, sizes and types, from static to a form that can run batteries and waved. With a limited budget in the final days of the Japanese tour, these cats small size, affordable, used to decorate the desk, will be the right choice for you. And if you want to buy “genuine”, you visit the temple Gotoku, this is the place of origin of cat Maneki Neko original.


2 Fans Uchiwa

Uchiwa paper fan is handmade and is a symbol of summer in Japanese culture. Body fan made of bamboo. Early fan made of paper or fabric material flower decoration was simple patterns available. Part fan-made from bamboo were sharpening pieces, high elasticity. This would be a great gift when you travel the country in summer 2015 this sunrise.

3. Towel Tenugui

Tenugui is considered the perfect souvenir for women. Tenugui is printed scarf scarf thin, rectangular, with a length of about 90cm, in many different motifs such simple geometry, flower or small polka dots. One can use Tenugui do handkerchief, bandanas, for coating plastic bottle, package or to decorate the room like a piece of cloth or a rug.

4. Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi is a doll made ​​of wood, is one of the dishes most famous handicrafts of the country of Japan .Kokeshi dolls are usually shaped girls, with a cylindrical body and round head, big. Kokeshi Doll Face is expressed through simple drawings but very cute, doll body was covered with a thin layer of wax. On her dolls Kokeshi simple decorated with motifs of grass, trees, flowers, leaves usually with black, red, purple, yellow.

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5. Mask animation

Believers love Japanese cartoons will certainly be charmed by this gift because the mask has a rich variety of Manga characters – Anime.Ban will easily find the masks of human their favorite characters in a few stalls selling masks in traditional Japanese festivals or in the park, sometimes in shops.

6. Coins Japan

If you’ve missed spending too aggressively, the best solution when choosing to buy souvenirs at the moment is holding back the Japanese coins as gifts, especially the 5-yen coins, copper coins are considered lucky penny. Because in Japanese, 5 yen pronounced “Congo – en”, similar to the one kanji mean is “married”.

The Japanese souvenirs on culture medium characterized Origin cherry, medium compact, easily transportable, but the prices are not too “expensive”, you can refer to gift choice for travelers travel Japan discovered her.

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