10 beautiful castle hotels in the world

You will be overwhelmed by the splendid, magnificent castle hotel 10 most beautiful world below.

Ashford, Ireland
Beautiful castle hotel is surrounded by a land of about 350 acres wide.
The hotel has just been reopened after the renovation and upgrade.Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about falconry area or pigeons outside the castle site, before returning to enjoy the famous delicacies.You will be overwhelmed by the splendid, magnificent castle hotel 10 most beautiful world below.

Skibo, Dornoch, Scotland

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This castle has primarily functions as a private club and a stunning location for weddings. However this is a wonderful hotel with full amenities. You can play golf, molding clay or simply relax.

Neuschwanstein, Germany

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Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Germany. It is the harmonious combination between reality and dreamlike, evoking the poetic beauty who gaze once made can not forget. Standing from above, visitors can zoom eye to unleash see the foothills forests Alps, the small houses dotting the mountainside and rivers meandering around.

Schlosshotel Kronberg


Located near Frankfurt, Schlosshotel Kronberg was built in the late 1800s and became one of the finest resorts in the world starting from the 1950s.

Amberley, UK

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Amberley Castle is one of the 900 year old typical English-style castle. Castle hotel will bring you the perfect experience with a full-sized bed for the Kings.

Peckforton, Cheshire

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Castle hotel was completed in 1851 and quickly became one of the most hotel with 48 fully equipped bedrooms and is a venue for weddings so popular.

Chateau Frontenac, Canada

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Starting in late 1800, Chateau Frontenac was built to serve travelers using the new rail network in Canada. Guests will not help overwhelmed with the magnificent, splendid hotel.

Dalhousie, Scotland

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This hotel is a fortress built in the 13th century in a beautiful forest, quiet. Guests will have the opportunity to see firsthand the collection of antique books in the library, enjoying special dishes, participate in activities falconry, archery and relax in the only bedroom of long buildings radio.

Auf Schonburg, Germany

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Auf Schonburg hotel is one of the beautiful castles and Germany’s most idyllic by the river Rhine. The castle is decorated with antique furniture and sumptuous ancient room as a chapel and tower prison.

Parador de Cardona, Barcelona

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Castle hotel was built in medieval times with the unique architecture. Parador de Cardona to come, it will take about 1 hour drive from Barcelona.

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