5-star hotel reservations, to new place know unfinished

Blue Lagoon in Greek Princess online advertising began to open to visitors from 4/5, but when the guests arrive, the hotel is still strewn with rubble and was not put into operation.

Located in Halkidiki, Greece, Blue Lagoon Princess was advertising on the net is 5 star hotel with beautiful images as dreams and will go into operation in early May.

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Hotel Blue Lagoon Princess was broadcast on the network. Photo: News.

However, many visitors book when this new discovery hotel is still in the process of construction, and this makes them all very angry.

Jess Woodhouse, a traveler had reservations here with her mother, frustrating taking pictures unfinished of Blue Lagoon Princess and posting to Twitter with your comment: “this hotel will never open it. Let’s all get away from me “.

“I came here for our honeymoon and still not yet completed. It’s more like a construction site than the hostel, “a guest has the nickname Sampascoe1973 is also posted on his personal page.

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Many visitors said they felt frustrated when looking Hotel 5 stars. Photo: News.

After experiencing the problem, tour operators-units help booking rooms of Blue Lagoon Princess had apologized for the confusion and this carelessness. They also immediately moved visitors to the hotels in the vicinity.

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