7 Star Hotel gleaming Bund

Hotel Wanda Reign with funds to build 516 million, right in the famous Bund is the destination of wealthy Chinese.


Hotel Wanda Reign with classic design blended modern became the focal point in the Bund, next to the famous hotels such as the Peninsula, Shangri-La and Grand Hyatt.


Chairman Suite is the most expensive room types in the Reign, with 18,000 price Wanda USD (402 million dong) per night. The room is located in the 20th floor, with an area of 288 m2.


The hotel has 4 rooms of karaoke with flashy space as the dance floor.


The impressive hotel interior with the Magnolia flower motifs and famous paintings.

a-bettertraveltips-comAll over the walls, ceiling and floor of the hotel lobby clear the lavish with marble and jade. The middle is a large painting of the author Shi Qi is very eye catching.
The front desk with leather walls tinted blue rays highlight the bronze statue “land Elves” of author Wei Dong.  6-bettertraveltips-comWine & Cigar Bar area of the Club featured the Reign with chandeliers, leather sofa, thick rugs, antique-style furniture.  7-bettertraveltips-comThe spa area with marble and gold-plated details, with the wet sauna, dry sauna, Turkish bath, massage rooms, great …  8-bettertraveltips-comThe hotel has 193 rooms, including 14 suites. Room Grand Deluxe Bund View overlooking the Bund, are equipped with toiletries of Hermès, marble bathrooms, floor heating system, automatic toilet of Japan and the lavish decorations.  9-bettertraveltips-com

Flashy space of the food with the city landscape. Marc is the only European-style restaurant of the hotel serves French cuisine with Michelin star chef Marc Meneau.

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The landscape seen from the bar at the 21st floor, part of the restaurant Marc.

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