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If you’re in a certain island in Malaysia to rest, then do not overlook the hotel Andaman, Langkawi. With a private beach, a variety of animals and one each by UNESCO Geopark, this place is indeed a worthy place to put money.

SanAndaman Hotels, Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi Jalan Teluk Datai, Langkawi 07000, Kedah, Malaysia Along immersed in nature and relax at the hotel Andaman, Langkawi.

Pass by the village and the fields, this place is a 40-drive from the Langkawi International Airport, the hotel Andaman tourist area and a beach far away. This is a self-service resort and even has a room located on the tropical rain forest 10 million years-old on Datai Bay and reefs 8,000 years old. You just rest assured, this gem deserves to spend your vacation stay.
Executive Seaview Suite pole ideal for those who want to travel far from home and like the room with ample space.
The layout of the resort is designed with an eagle-shaped lounge in between – symbolizing the body, and two side rooms are suites include luxurious Garden Terrace overlooking the rain forest, Jacuzzi Studio Suite with private jacuzzi on Seaview luxurious patio and room with windows the ground.
Our Choices? Executive Pool Suite main room – with a private pool, lounge chairs, outdoor bathroom direct access to the private beach. In addition, the bathroom standing in the room with space open up the bedroom makes the room becomes more spacious.

Who ignoring the calories at the hotel Andaman?

In case you have not noticed, the hotel has a restaurant Andaman Beach is Tepian Laut name (which means “by the sea”). This place is great, we recommend that you try a burger with cheese, or any dish with a beer yet, of course, friendly staff here will serve food while you are lying down beach to sun.
For dinner, Tepian Laut serves typical dishes of Ma Lay with brilliant presentation style with hand-washing facilities traditional holidays. The restaurant gives guests an extremely unique experience with authentic cuisine of Ma Lai same wine list and cocktails.


For dining area for visitors all day, so the restaurant is always updated several changes during the tourists stay, we also hope to be seeing a lot of other changes here at once again returning to the hotel Andaman; especially with the emergence of the Thai-German chef, new, Thorsten Killian at Jala seafood restaurant. In course surprise that we learned here, Killian chef did make us extremely surprised by his performance, and we are extremely curious about the restaurant’s menu will be dishes Jala What.
Make sure you speak with the hotel’s sea creatures, Dr Gerry and his team to learn more about efforts to preserve the reefs, as well as how to want to look at them.
Shelve pool and fitness room to another party, this place has a lot of natural activities to keep you entertained throughout ngay.Hoat we love the most is private snorkelling in coral samples onha hotels Andama, through this activity, we have had the opportunity to learn more about the types of corals are grown in nurseries.
Besides, there are many other activities for guests, including planting and liberation from the coral reef flat, this is the consequence leave after the 2004 tsunami.
And for those who prefer lighter activities, go to V Botanical Spa – spa room overlooking the Andaman Sea from private villas.
V Botanical Spa offer a variety of cabanas and villas with many therapeutic package very attractive.

SanAndaman Hotels, Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi Jalan Teluk Datai, Langkawi 07000, Kedah, Malaysia

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