Discover hotels Katayama, Seminyak, Indonesia

Built by family PTT (the name stand behind the legend of Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, Poptato Hea Folk and Three Buns in Singapore and Ark Galerie in Jakarta), hotels is the latest project Katamama in Seminyak – located Seminyak beach.

Recently Indonesia has gradually become attractive tourist destination for visitors in Asia and around the world, partly due to the government’s interest in this area, but the reason is mainly because stunning in this Southeast Asian country. In addition, the hotel was extremely thorough investments made paying visitors to Indonesia increasingly soaring.


The hotel has partnered with architect Andra Martin Indonesia.


The location of the hotel says it all.

This hotel is expected to open in early January 2016, Katamama an all-suite hotel with 58 rooms and the total project is the first hotel of the PTT group – and this is also the first hotel invited to join the list of Preferred Hotels Hotels’ Legend before going into operation.


Smallest suite has an area of ​​80 square meters.

“About array design, we focused very much on the details crafts and traditional elements mixed with modern,” co-founder Ronald Akili said. “We’ve worked with the best craftsmen in Bali and had used $ 1.6 million bricks were molded by hand from the village.”


Private pool in the suites is great choice for those who prefer privacy.

Indeed, it is the most special detail of this hotel. Most hotels are made by hand, even the fabric used here as well are dyed by hand, the design here is very harmonious combination between contemporary art and art Akili Indonesia. Besides that? Each will have an outdoor space of their own, which can be a private balcony, a private pool or separate attic.


The suites have private terrace offers beautiful views of the sea.

Other highlights include an array of music, art, cocktails and food, the hotel has a restaurant – bar serving vegetarian food from Ubud combined with MoVida, and Akademi specializes bar specialties Indonesia’s tropical regions.

Hotel project next group will be the hotel PTT Kataoma in Seminyak, which is expected to go into operation in 2018, will be followed in 2019 Katamama Canggu.

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