Inside the pupa modern hotel in the world

The hotel is shaped like an egg, using wind energy and solar energy, portable accommodation and amenities for travelers everywhere.


Inside the pupa modern hotel in the world.


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Capsule hotel model EcoCapsules designed by the company, with motorized mini wind energy with solar panels generate.

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Each “capsule” has a bathroom and separate toilet, sleeping space for 2 persons and equipped kitchen area.

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Initially, the capsule hotel is designed especially for those who have to stay outdoors more, as scientists, rangers, photographer, or the adventurous traveler.

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However, because of the maneuverability and comfort, this model quickly be widely introduced, even be used in rural areas to reduce the price of rental property, and can be located anywhere .

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The hotel looked like the models in science fiction movies.

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Each “capsule” weighs nearly 1.5 tons, can be transported in containers by sea, or put up trailers. The hotel is very versatile mobility, just as place to live and can recharge the electric cars, used as a shelter for rescue teams, disaster rescue, able to store rainwater.

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Is described on its website as a “blade of the Swiss army, has everything that you need,” the hotel can operate in a long time without external support.

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This design has an area of approximately 8 m 2, outside the insulation helps retain heat efficiently and withstand severe weather.

The hotel is shaped like an egg, using wind energy and solar energy, portable accommodation and amenities for travelers everywhere.Inside the pupa modern ho

Customers can pre-order from the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. Currently receiving no official information about the price.
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