Inside the ultra-luxury hotels room price per night £ 10,000

Inside the hotel room ultra to cost £ 10,000 a night.

Day 6/5, the 5-star Shangri-La in the New England room luxury suite of the same name. Hotels located from floor to floor 34 52, part of the famous skyscraper Shard London Bridge.

Do not have to use the elevator of the building. A high-speed elevator systems in the St Thomas Street will take you straight to the front desk on the second floor 35. Photo: Ray Tang/REX.


The new suite has entered the most expensive prices of the hotel Shangri-La, and also the hotel rooms Super sang of London. You need to spend 10,000 pounds  for a night here.Comes with the expenses crisis, you will enjoy Butler service, a private chef and drive. Photo: Travelweekly Best.


The broad all-suite 188 m2, consisting of a bedroom, living room cum dining room, workspace, bathroom, dressing room. If desired, you can request further adjoining room, turned into 2 bedroom, the total area used 232 m2. Photo: Daily Mail.


Shangri-la suite offers the luxurious, comfortable experience. Designer furniture. Luxury silk wallpaper.Photo: Daily Mail.


Large marble bathroom, with a tv, jacuzzi bathtub to soothe you after a tiring day. Private place to change clothes and also wide enough with a conventional hotel in double room. Photo: Daily Mail.


You can also relax in the hotel’s private swimming pool, located on the second floor 52. Photo: Shangri-La hotel.


Before setting out to explore London, you can store the precious jewelry in the safe of leather, designed in the desk. However, if you do not want to go out, the chef will bloom cooking right in the kitchen area and design your own suite. Photo: Telegraph.


Shangri-La Suite located on the second floor of the building is 39 87-story Shard. Zooms out of sight, you can admire the beautiful scenery icon of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, London Bridge, the River Thames … from on high. Photo: Daily Mail.


In addition to Shangri-La Suite is completed, the hotel also has a number of other senior VIP rooms form as London Suite, Westminster Suite of … In case of insufficient funds, you can still experience the five-star hotel in Central London, with regular room rates from £ 450 per night. 
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