Luxurious hotel on middle of the sea fortress

134-year-old fortress with an area of almost 7,000 square metres was renovated into a hotel with 23 rooms, pubs and restaurants on top of the grill. As such, the European summer tour ever is also the top choice of many people.


The same enjoy luxury on the Fort between the sea through beam photo below it.



AmaZing company Venues have turned the Fort No Man (translates to “No people”) into a hotel and planned to open from 23/4. The Fort is located in the Isle of Wight (England) 2 km. you will arrive by helicopter or boat, and enjoy a level of commercial shops, restaurants, spas, bars, night clubs etc.


Those who want to relax, No Man has an exclusive spa, with its wet bar and a solarium with sea view.


With four floors full of leisure facilities, the hotel will bring you unforgettable memories while resting in the water.


The Fort has two dining areas, helicopter parking barbecue on the roof.


Low price for this is £ 450 per night. The Lighthouse is priced to 1,150 a night table in the summer.


This hotel is not only personal but also very beautiful.


The Fort has been with more modern equipment, giving you time off relaxing and memorable.


Scenery seen from the roof of the impressive fortress. Guests can enjoy a meal here and view on the beautiful coast of the Isle of Wight.


Glass doors help natural light into the Interior.
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