The city has the world’s best hotel

Based on the opinion poll of readers based on two criteria: quality and price, below the top of the city is estimated to have the best quality hotels in the world, according to the Telegraph.

1. Prague

Review Score: 8.2

Leading the list of the city is estimated to have the best quality world hotel is Prague – Czech capital.


2. Lisbon

Review Score: 8.04

Ratings 2nd place is charming port city of Lisbon Portugal.


3. Warsaw

Review Score: 8.01

Warsaw attracts visitors with the historic old town and lively night life, and this is also an ideal destination for a cheap break.


4. Berlin

Review Score: 8.01

Besides quality and price hotel, Berlin is ranked No. 4 thanks to the Michelin-starred restaurant.


5. Bangkok

Review Score: 7.89

As a popular venue for tourists to the capital of Thailand is very diverse type of accommodation from budget motels to luxury hotels. Most visitors travel to Bangkok were selected hotels in Sukhumvit or near the Chao Phraya River.


6. Vienna

Review Score: 7.65

Hotels in Vienna is considered to be the affordable, suitable for many types travelers.


7. Madrid

Review Score: 7.65

By Annie Bennett specializes price, quality hotel in Madrid is getting improved in recent years.


8. Shanghai

Review Score: 7.63

According to Jörg Malang – managing director of Hotel Info: “high level of competition leading to the hotel in Shanghai are always trying to serve their customers best.”


9. Beijing

Review Score: 7.5

According to experts, the hotels in the capital of China is quite diverse and of good quality.


10. Helsinki

Review Score: 7.38

Helsinki ranked 10th in this list compared to other countries in the Nordic region, the hotel prices and the overall cost of travel to the capital of Finland with more affordable prices.

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11. Rome

Review Score: 7.22

Ranked 11th as a destination Rome of Italy, famous with the immortal words, “All roads lead to Rome”.


12. Tokyo

Review Score: 7.21

Ranked 12th Tokyo is the capital of Japan, compared to the previous year, the cost for a trip to Tokyo this year is much cheaper. Also, the quality of the hotel is also equivalent to the price that travelers pay.


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