The luxury hotels oldest London

London – known for city seems quaint with lots of luxury hotels with a history of up to hundreds of years.


Every hotel in its back contains interesting stories.

Below is a synthesis of the luxury hotel in London’s oldest.

London is an ancient city in her stories both historical and interesting mystery.


Innumerable how many visitors came to London: from writers, musicians, movie stars … The hotel is the place to witness the story was interesting.
Although luxury hotels in London are decorated again for always fresh, if stopped for a moment and listen to the story of history, you will be surprised at who has been in the room you are temporarily stopped.

1. Hotel The Goring

Hotel The Goring became famous surprisingly few years. This is where the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton stepped in as the royal bride 2011.


Since opening in 1910, the Goring has been the center of the Allies in the First World War. When the soldiers left the hotel in 1919, Lady Randolph Churchill, Sir Winston’s mother moved in.


2. Hotel Rocco Forte Brown

Hotels Brown honorably served the greatest writer Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, Bram Stoker and Agatha Christie. Even the author Rudyard Kipling wrote the series “Jungle Boy” here.


Alexander Graham Bell made the first successful phone in this hotel in 1876.

3. The Dorchester

Legendary movie stars Elizabeth Taylor had been to Dorchester Art Deco hotel when the hotel opened in 1931 after having received a 1 million dollar contract for Cleopatra bath scene have become classics.


Peter Sellers – a British comedy starring famous people have died here in 1980 because of a heart attack. The Dorchester hotel has many rooms named after famous people have been here.

4. Cannizaro House

In the 18th century, Cannizaro been a political center. When Lord Melville, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of War live here, the king, the prime minister regularly visit this place.

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Then Count St. Antonio took over the land and the Duke of Wellington and Mrs Fitzherbert her, mistress of King George IV. The house was converted into a hotel in the 1980s.

5. Hendon Hall Hotel

Built in 1756, Hendoll Hall renovated into a hotel in 1911. The highlight of the hotel is a Tiepolo ceiling painting (now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York).


In the garden, the hotel also has a memorial Shakespeare, David Garrick – famous actors of the 18th century the hotel’s dining room is named after him.

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