Top 12 best luxury hotels in the world in 2015

The luxury hotels has a presence in almost all over the world with the beautiful room and a good sleep. If you stay at any one of the hotels in the list, you also get more than what you paid.


12. Shangri-La

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Hotel Shangri-La is known for some of the best service hotel industry as sound system super luxurious. Hotels and resorts are present in many countries in the world (except the US) include Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, Italy, France and Canada. 2013, Forbes said Shangri-La in Paris, located on the banks of the Seine used to be the palace of Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte. Speaking here to make you well imagine it superior to any size.

11. JW Marriott


Luxury hotel chain has a reputation JWMarriott today to mention significant impacts of its founder, John Willard Marriott. Amenities here include a spa, a protected area, pool and super luxurious rooms. JW Marriott has more than 75 locations around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, some in Hong Kong, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

10. The Four Seasons


The Four Seasons is a chain of luxury 5-star hotel of Canada. Currently, this hotel has 98 locations in Toronto (Canada), New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Paris and Seychelles. Four Seasons resort and spa offers superlative service world of beaches with water sports such as sailing and scuba diving, a number of other locations also offer service ski, play golf.

But if the other material things do not interest you that you want to find a place to rest, the The Four Seasons is the perfect stopover. It has beds are insured to ensure the health and sleep for tourists, you can also order one for $ 2,199 and $ 2,999 for double beds with pillowtop mattresses. Remember, when you come here, you can not pay to have a good sleep, but you can pay to have a good cushion.

9. Ritz-Carlton


The Ritz-Carlton is probably one of the names you think of first when it comes to the most luxurious hotel in the world. The hotel chain is part of the Marriott, with 87 locations in 29 countries around the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Aruba, Bahrain, Canada, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

Most prominent of the famous hotel chain is in the dedicated spa. In 2013, it has been voted Travel + Leisure Magazine’s The Best Hotel with its luxurious spa.

8. Peninsula Hotel


There are nine Peninsula hotel in the world, first in Hong Kong was built in 1928. The other locations are Beijing (home to the Louis Vuitton luxury store in the business area of ​​the hotel), New York, Paris, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Bangkok, Chicago, London and Shanghai.

This hotel is famous for vehicles to be used as helicopters by the city it is located in the densely crowded and dense traffic in the world or the yacht; but if you want to move on the ground, the Peninsula will enchant you with a fleet of Rolls Royce cars per property.

7. Banyan Tree


Banyan Tree may be an unfamiliar name to you because it does not build US locations, instead, it focuses more on Asian markets such as China, Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam, Thailand , and South Korea; some in Central America (Mexico) and Arabic.

This property includes the beautiful room with a large balcony overlooking the outdoor, each room is designed with protruding position, indented like a tree branch with a $ 3,300 price for reservation / week.

6. Mandarin Oriental


Mandarin Oriental is a luxury hotel chain preferred by many celebrities including Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Sigourney Weaver and Jerry Hall. Famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin regularly to support this property.Mandarin Oriental is known for the wonderful spa, which offers a range of treatments including Thai Yoga massage and massage four hands. Some of its locations around the world including New York, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, all over Asia and the Middle East.

5. St.Regis


As for hotels in New York St.Regis was acquired by Starwood in 1998, they realized that they could turn one of the first names on the list of luxury hotels into several resorts around the country US, China, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

John Jacob Astor IV, one of the richest people in America at the time began to build between 1901 and St.Regis open three years later. It was Forbes rated as AAA resort, located in Central Park diamond. Naturally a room at this luxury hotel is not cheap at “fat” is $ 1045 / night.

4. Aman


Aman is not merely a hotel chain but a resort. It has a number of locations including Bora Bora in the world, France, Morocco, Montenegro, Turks & Caicos, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Most resorts are less than 55 rooms and a staff ratio is 4 people / person – too many than any hotel in the world. It is because of that, the service at this hotel is extremely excellent from the front desk to take room service. There were no complaints from customers. It also provides spa and fitness services including Yoga and Pilates with a professional personal trainer.

3. Rosewood


Rosewood operates in 9 countries in the world with 11 hotels and resorts 7 exclusive luxury with superlative service personal spa, golf, yachting, diving services, even the cellar wine. The two most notable location of this hotel chain like Menlo Park, California, USA and Jumbo Bay Antigua, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

2. Jumirah


Jumeirah in Arabic means “beautiful. That was the word for describing this wonderful hotel chain. It once belonged to the Essex House in New York. But now it is extremely powerful development in the Middle East and some other places like Maldives, Rome, Frankfurt, and London and Istanbul. Jumeirah has some of the most beautiful spa in the world in terms of both design inside, outside and the scenery around this hotel.

1. InterContinental



Intercontinental has more than 178 hotels and 53 of which are occupied the leading position in the hospitality industry in a number of countries around the world. It is considered the “leader” and represents the most luxurious of all hotels in the world. A total of 60 560 rooms here and at any InterContinental yet you also feel great.

Some notable locations like New York, Beverly Hills, Mumbai, Bora Bora (rated as one of the top 25 hotels on Condé Nast Traveller the world by 2011), Monterey, Paris, Washington DC (The Willard) and Las Vegas (The Venetian Hotel). The price to pay for a night’s stay here is also commensurate with the elegance of it, up to $ 13,000.

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