Top 8 hotel in world’s most beautiful pools

Besides the hotels, luxurious resorts in the world, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam is also home to beautiful pools on most goods.

Top 8 hotel in world’s most beautiful pools.


Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam: The hotel is located in Nha Trang Bay area and visitors can only come here by train. The resort owns the villas have private swimming pools, large and easy to watch the sunset.When leaving the pool, stretching himself on the deckchair, guests can enjoy the sea air filled around.


La Reunion, Guatemala: In addition to an 18-hole golf course, 26 bedrooms, La Reunion also owns two large swimming pools. This is an ideal vacation spot and sumptuous. Almost every room has a private pool and from which visitors can look at the Agua volcano, Pacaya, Fuego and Acatenango.


InterContinental, Hong Kong: Located just in front of the bustling Kowloon, InterContinental has beautiful private pool. Three luxurious guest rooms of the hotel will make guests voyeuristic scene horizon stretches.One night stay at this quite expensive but prices outside pool over looking the port of Victoria, guests also enjoy 24-hour fitness room and dedicated service.


Amangiri, USA: Although this resort was built between desert place but pool of very large rooms seem extravagant to create works. Pools have high background, toward the distant hills. In addition, the Amangiri has its own built outside pool area serves guests to enjoy sleeping under the stars or night outdoor dinners.


Casa San Agustin, Colombia: In the heart of the vibrant city of Cartagena, Casa San Agustin ancient style gives guests space characterized Colombia: old colonial architecture, lime-colored walls, tiled earthenware and simple décor. The hotel has its own swimming pool but is paved but narrow emerald green background. In addition, it also has a bigger pools with palm shade. This scene makes you feel like you are in an oasis of rest separately.


Cavo Tagoo, Greece: The room here has its own swimming pool is surrounded by lush green landscape of endless Aegean Sea. Architecture Cavo Tagoo accommodation also attracts tourists thanks to the white painted walls, minimalist furnishings, large bed space and a spacious patio outside. Diamond Private villa also owns a large pool overlooking the sea, built right next to an outdoor living room.


Royal Isabela, Puerto Rico: This resort opened in 2012, lies on the rugged cliffs on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. Here wooden floors, with outdoor dining spot and a marble swimming pool. More than 1.6 square kilometers around Royal Isabela is covered with rich flora and the Atlantic ocean immensity.


Gaia Retreat, Australia: Gaia Retreat is located in New South Wales, famous for its tropical climate and pristine, fresh. The resort includes Komala villa has views overlooking the picturesque valley and large swimming pool. Also, at Gaia Retreat guests can enjoy dishes made from home-grown clean vegetables.

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