The exotic pink beaches infatuate visitors

Tourist paradise blue sea and white sand is really not debatable. But somewhere in the world there are pink sand beaches make ravishing romantic heart.

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Pink charm of the beach in the Bahamas always attract tourists – Photo: wordpress

Scientifically, pink on pink sand beaches comes from a species of amoeba protists pink shell.

After the waves broke and under the effects of erosion over time, shells mixed with pieces of pink coral sand forming ruddy red dye, but sometimes, even the sea is also close to sandy beaches impressive pink!

On the island   Bahamas Harbour Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the US state of Florida, the Coral Pink Sand Beach home, the famous pink sand beaches and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Pale pink of beaches stretching tens of kilometers wide and sometimes 15 – 30m. On the almost deserted beach is the lovely little house colorful spaced tens or even hundreds of meters.

The blue water pink sands and abundant vegetation around easily make you engrossed photographers forget the time.

In order to Harbour Island, visitors take the ferry from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, with more than USD 100 / person.

Contrast picture beautiful colors in romantic pink sand beach in Bahamas – Photo: soocurious

 You can discover the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, an island paradise off the coast subtropical eastern United States.

Many tourists come to the beach in the town of Southampton Horseshoe Bay on the island of Bermuda, to be the hands touching pink sand beaches picturesque surrounds them, before floundered in the blue waters of the North Sea Atlantic.

Pink Beach Elbow Beach Bermuda – Photo: leeabbamonte

Pink-sand beach in Budelli Spiaggia Rosa, one of the islands of the archipelago of Maddalena in Sardinia northeast Italy, with landscape as a work of art.

But now, no one is allowed access to this beach apart from a guarded beach. The only way to watch the beach Budelli 1,6km2 spanning from offshore or as directed by guides national park management area!

According to the Italian and international tourist population, Budelli is absolute best pearls Maddalena area. Pink Beach where world famous in the 1960s when they appear in the film Red Desert and the beach is the most photographed areas of Sardinia.

In order to protect the pink sand beach Spiaggia Rosa, since 1999, local authorities banned bathing and boat anchor along the beach here.

From May to an annual 30-9, in good weather conditions, National Park Maddalena organize yacht tours of the island, including Budelli. And you will not regret seeing Spiaggia Rosa …

Budelli pink beach in Maddalena archipelago, where only watch from a distance – Photo: wiki

Dragon Komodo Island in Indonesia not only attract tourists by giant lizards on the island but also the pink sand beaches such as Pantai extremely seductive Mer, Red Beach … Sac pink sand beach perfect combination between white sand and red coral, seashell pink, sponges …

In the unspoiled natural scenery deserted place here, an afternoon walk on the red sand clean, sunny, before relaxing in the clear blue sea will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who has come!

From Bali, you will easily reach the beach domestic flights rose by Labuhan Bajo Flores at the port in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Then can rent fishing boats or motorized boat to Komodo Island.

Pink sand beaches in the national park Komodo, Flores – Photo: gotsaga

 According to many tourists, lagoon Elafonissi (aka Balos) south-west of the Greek island of Crete is a paradise worthy. Pink golden sands framed by smooth curtain, turquoise waters and shallow clear that visitors were fascinated.

According to local lore, sand color pink is the tragic story of Elafonissi. The blood of about 800 people and children perished in Crete massacres caused by the Ottomans in 1824 this beach was dyed pink.

Years ago, it was still strange. But now, every day hundreds of visitors flock to the pink sand beach. So you have to have a chance to choose a new soon get images like the corner, but do not miss beautiful sunset in Elafonissi.

Road to the pink sand beaches Elafonissi is a picture difficult to express in words when through lovely villages, majestic canyons, small tunnels impressive …

Pink Elafonisi Beach is the first choice of travelers to Crete – Photo: wordpress

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