10 useful travel tips every traveler should learn by heart

The share of travel blogger Helen Ochyra – who has traveled to dozens of countries dusty world of travel tips she often applied in his adventures …

… Will be a useful experience for the young are hatched in future trips.


1. Actively chat with people

Travel period is extremely appropriate for you to chat with strangers, which could be the tour guide, the waitress, who sat next to the bus, … You ask them, are meant Where to go and you will be extremely surprised to find that most of them would love to share his story. From that conversation, you can discover many new destinations, interesting, but many other guests did not know.

travel tips , travel alone , tourist services , hotel reservations , travel guidebooksBe positive chat with the locals and you’ll learn a lot of interesting things. Photo: etramping.com

2. Wake up early

Getting up early is not an easy job, but once you get out of bed and walked out smoothly explore around, you will never regret. Because of the many tourists that veterans are workers, usually morning moments at the most beautiful and the most beautiful pictures are taken during this period.

20150526100453--2 Bettertraveltips.comMost of the beautiful photos were taken in the early morning. Photo: Roughguides.com

3. Be sure to carry the rechargeable battery backup

There is nothing worse than when you are traveling suddenly lost contact with family and friends because the phone or the technology map out of battery, so the carrying of a spare battery charger is the prime phượt to remember.

4. Always carry cash

From Scotland to Cambodia, the use of credit cards in payment was never the ideal solution, because ATMs are not always available across the street in this country. Thus, despite its carrying credit card accounts with the “vibrate”, then you should also be prepared to use cash in the daily activities.

5. Bring plastic bags

Items “small but martial” This will be vital in the package you need wet items, or items containing interesting that you accidentally give someone on the road traveling.

6. Rent a car

Hiring a private car will help you to always be active in time, and save it wherever you like.Depending on the condition of the body, and cultural features at your destination, you can easily hire private vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, … In particular, you should also check the parts of the car to see if working properly before you decide to rent.

20150526100453--3 Bettertraveltips.comHiring a car will help you proactively get their schedule. Photo: Roughguides.com

6. Booking travel services

Hotel reservations, air tickets, train, ship, car, … not only help you save a decent amount, but also help you avoid waiting car scene, or wandering to find a spot over night.

8. Bring a familiar item in the house

It may be a small cup, or what kind of tea in your home, anything that can make you feel familiar, because you are making a long trip and the time you get tired, or you have a bad day, then taking something to bring home flavor that will make you more powerful.

20150526100614--4 Bettertraveltips.comPhoto: Roughguides.com

9. Bring a good pair of shoes

A good pair of shoes, soft soles are essential items for travel because you have to move a lot.If you’re traveling in the rainy season, should choose shoes with anti-slip soles. And if the shoes get wet, get shredded newspaper and place in inside, about 2 hours instead of once to dry quickly.

20150526100614--5 Bettertraveltips.comA good pair of shoes, soft soles are essential items for travel because you have to move a lot.Photo: Huffingtonpost.com

10. Buy a travel guide book reputed

Purchase a travel book you will never have to fear styled using the phone runs out of battery, also not afraid of falling apart or stolen. Furthermore, these guidelines are often the destination of proven about the level of safety as well as friendly service, so you will not have to fear that she would be deceptive.

20150526100614--6 Bettertraveltips.comBuy yourself the travel guidebook reputation. Photo: Controradio.it

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