11 rules exquisite cuisine type Italy

People here are very proud of their coffee. Except milk and sugar, no matter what else mixing with coffee is accepted.

Latte means milk: In the Starbucks chain in Malaysia, when called latte, you’ll be the waiter brought out a cup of coffee with milk. But in Italy, you called latte mean just called a glass of milk. So if you really want a normal cup of cappuccino, latte stop calling.


There is no Starbucks in Italy: Chains Starbucks could very popular in Asia, but in Europe and especially in Italy, no. In Italy, you can not be enrolled to the coffee cup, but what this country gives you will make you never saw empty. The Italians do not like coffee mixed with anything. This is especially true in Italy, because as noted above, the people here are very proud of their coffee. Except milk and sugar, no matter what else mixing with coffee is accepted. If you intend to a cafe and order a cup of Mocha (coffee mixed chocolate) or yinyong (coffee mixed with tea), then you should give in to them go.

Pizza is only one size, for one person: Unlike many other places in the world where there are many sizes of pizza, in Italy only one size of pizza, and just for one person. Never call a pizza for 2 or 3 interest of his friends to eat if you do not want people here look at you as people on Mars. However sized pizza here would not cause much discomfort for travelers, by not too big and your bread can fully resolved quickly.

No chicken and pineapple pizza in person: If you are expecting a pizza interest as in Malaysia or in Hawaii, let’s forget it. Still can not find chicken, pineapple, pepperoni pizza, or type your preferred but other types of Salame (sausage made from chicken or pork), fresh tomatoes, Italian sausage, cheese and mushrooms will not make you disappointed.

Never call cappuccino or milk coffee after lunch: Maybe cappuccino is one drink you must try when to Italy, but try at breakfast. Italians feel afraid, even if you use disgusted cappuccino at lunch. First single “acceptable” after lunch with the Italian espresso.

rules cuisine , Italian cuisine , Italian cuisineCappuccino with popular pastries at breakfast. Photo: Losdatosdenatalia.

American-style coffee (Americano) almost does not exist: It is difficult for you to call a full cup of Americano in the service shop in Italy, by bigotry of indigenous coffee. However you can still call is half a cup of Starbucks Americano coffee flavor, with heavier than normal taste.

No meat and seafood served in common: In many parts of the world, meat and seafood served in, making meals more diverse and complete. But in Italy, you do not ever call it. The shop will not serve meat and seafood all together to ensure keeping the flavor of the food, and the Italians are determined to rule.

20150710150151-11--2Meat and seafood do not share with each other. Photo: Killingtimebetweenmeals.

Do not add cheese to seafood dishes: cheese in Italy is very popular, but if you think it is like gravy in other countries – can be used with all types of food, it’s not so. Natives will laugh behind you if you call more cheese to share with seafood dishes, by flavor that was tainted seafood.

Do not eat fish for breakfast: What kind of anchovies, fish eggs can be very popular, but you try not to eat or put the dishes with them at breakfast in Italy. Breakfast here is mainly sweets.

Breakfast not eat salty: In general, this is quite common in Italy, which means that you will be very difficult to find a western-style breakfast in the cafeteria traditional coffee shop in Italy.However, if you are lucky in a luxury hotel, or in your home, you can get a common continental breakfast, although this is very rare.

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