6 things only those traveling dust can understand

Experience the kindness of strangers, learned many new things, explore the culinary joys street … is one of the many exciting things going just the travel dust can understand.

You will be faced with the … lonely

This is an issue that most people who make a long dusty day trip, especially traveling alone have experienced.


You always know the truth that life is not always pink and those we meet along the way not everyone is cheerful and friendly, there will be times when you feel lonely that want to shed off and return home. However, the joy of discovering new things that will make you quickly eliminate this feeling aside.

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You can get lost

Stray is not something too horrible as you think, because this may lead you to go to a city, where you can meet some interesting people as well as to gain ample experience you never dreamed. People often say, lost the essence of traveling dust, because we will not know anything about what was going to happen as well as interesting things come.

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Traveling is not always a “fun party”

Before you travel, you may have heard his friend speak of the pleasure to be involved in the jubilant party, with new travel friends familiar, it can make you happy consolation. But in fact, if you go backpacking with a limited budget and choice lodging in cheap hotels, no more likely you will be involved in such parties.

You will learn many new things

New things you will learn from myself, from the people you meet along the way, the first attractive dishes you are enjoying or about the world in which you live. Travelling is how you can easily absorb these “lessons” from the exciting new life, which is also attractive way for you to understand the big world outside.

Joy discover street food

Skip the overpriced restaurants and visit local restaurants, go backpacking will help you find delicious food for unbelievably cheap. In Southeast Asia, you will encounter many roadside eateries with recognizable signs that the tables and plastic chairs. Especially, if you do not know any good bars to look leg is a simple indication that you recognize it: look at the shop has many local guests.

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Experience the kindness of strangers

Travelling dust, you will have the opportunity to receive the help of many people. On the road to travel, you’re sure to meet many nice people and they will find their way to you, suggest what you should do, even if they will escort you to where you want to go safely most. So when someone asks you if you need help, please respond with a big smile them and say, “Well, thank you!”. A positive attitude and gratitude will take you to get anywhere.

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