Myanmar travel via 10 beautiful photos

Mystical Myanmar has always fascinated visitors to the four directions thanks to the spectacular natural scenery, rich cultural life and still retains much of its pristine simplicity.

10 stunning photos below will urge you laptop backpack up and do a day trip to explore Myanmar in cruise travel next.

1. Dawn in Bagan: Bagan as Pagan, was once the capital of Pagan Kingdom existed from the 9th to the 13th century BC in Central Myanmar today. One of the most enjoyable experience when to this city that is watching the city at dawn.

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Photo: Charungroj Bunphabuth

2. The art of the focus: Myanmar has many different religions but most of the people are mostly Buddhist Myanmar people are very pious. Buddha, in any city in the State of Myanmar has at least one temple and a Buddhist monastery.

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Photo: Pick Chon

3. Taungthaman Lake: in the town of Amarapura, Mandalay city Taungthaman Lake, is considered one of the most beautiful sunset in the world. On the Lake occasionally has a few boat crossing to passenger use to the river.

20150514113438-du-lich-myanmar-qua-10-buc-anh-tuyet-dep-travelti-3 (FILEminimizer)
Photo: Vassilios Alexopoulos

4. Qifu Mumo carried in the morning: Myanmar People believe that if there are children in the House, the renunciation will create good karma for the family so right from an early age the babies both boys and girls are parents do spice ceremony. After completing all the rituals, the child will be shaved head, up y renunciation. Since then, the u.s. sadi had no assets, dressed in the Buddha, the ceiling, barefoot, carrying bowls of go qifu mumo carried every morning.

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Photos: Muammer Yanmaz

5. A restaurant in Yangon: for tourists there is no way to experience the life of great locals rather than enjoy the gastronomy and Yangon is no exception.

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Photo: Pete Pattano

6. flaming golden rice fields in Shan: it is a State of Myanmar, takes its name from the Shan, one of the peoples living in this area.

20150514113659-du-lich-myanmar-qua-10-buc-anh-tuyet-dep-travelti-6 (FILEminimizer)
Photo: Kyaw Kyaw Winn

7. Fishing on Lake Inle: large freshwater lake Inle in Shan State Myanmar. With an area of up to 116km2, it is the second largest fresh water lake in the country. Inle Lake is known for its images of people fishing and boating with a tripod. To complete this activity, it is best you should rent a boat on the lake promenade and gaze at the recent mesh scaffolds medium foot khua a boat virtuosity.

20150514113659-du-lich-myanmar-qua-10-buc-anh-tuyet-dep-travelti-7 (FILEminimizer)
Photo: Yury Pustovoy

8. Shwedagon Pagoda: also known as Golden pagoda, was built here more than 2,500 years. Shwedagon is located on Singuttara Hill, Yangon this is considered most sacred temples in Myanmar and was handed a kept 8 strands of hair of the Buddha.

20150514113659-du-lich-myanmar-qua-10-buc-anh-tuyet-dep-travelt-8 (FILEminimizer)
Photo: jaturong kengwinit

9. Sunset on the U bein teak Bridge: U Bein Bridge-long teak bridge and the world’s oldest-Taungthaman River in Mandalay, is one of the symbols of Myanmar. It also was voted one of the world’s most beautiful sunset.

Myanmar travel via 10 beautiful photos
Photo: Tanarat Pomsakae

10. The monk in Mingun pagoda: this temple is located in Mingun village, a village located in the northern city of Mandalay on the banks of the river Ayeyawady dreaming. This place is famous for the stupa, Mingun Bell and audience Chinthe.

20150514113934-du-lich-myanmar-qua-10-buc-anh-tuyet-dep-travelt-10 (FILEminimizer)
Photo: Philippe CAP

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