These beautiful private island and super expensive

Make sure the owner of the island located between the ocean are all billionaires and always love the privacy.

Moute Iti, French Polynesia

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private island , beautiful islandStrum Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Only about 1 ha come on but the island Moute Iti back is one of the most beautiful island in the islands of Bora Bora.
The island has a unique local style house Tahitian include meeting rooms and recreational rooms. Moute Iti sale price £ 480,000.

nova-scotia-canada-2211-1429952867 ( Island Temple, Australia 
Looks like a golf course between the sea, this is a unique retreat and privacy of the virtual root.
Predominantly an area of trees and meadows.

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Mowgli , British Columbia , Canada
Located off the coast of Queensland, the South Pacific, the island is about 10 hectares with a private airstrip, a four-bedroom House is set at the highest soil model, the island can help owners contemplating the white sand beaches and stunning coral reefs.
The Temple cost £ 535,000.

british-columbia-6412-1429952868 ( Island, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
The Mowgli brilliantly with the beaches of white sand, a House with four bedrooms with luxury style.The Harbour for yachts are built very nice to the owner just might make it a cool look, enchantment.Mowgli Island worth 2.4 million.

british-virgin-6356-1429952868 (’s Cay, Bahamas
Width up to 10 hectares of Scrub should build a modern residential area with an international size spa rooms, three restaurants, a fitness center and a store specialized in selling diving.
White sand beach in the beautiful Scrub as long as hell.

cay-bahamas-4105-1429952868 (’s Cay has a fairly long runways.
Numerous facilities built on the island almost 30 ha of this.It also has a marina. The price of this island was 11.8 million

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