10 items are needed in hand luggage

Moving by air is becoming more popular. The note in the article by Mentalfloss introduced below will help you feel secure about your journey.

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1. Water bottles can stretch: The small water bottle on the plane will not be enough for both a long journey. Is the water bottle is resilient help you save storage space. After crossing gate security checks, you fill free water which almost always serve the airport. Photo: Ebay.
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2. Daily Oral: If for medicine in checked baggage, we could lose and even stolen. Then, you almost can not ensure the proper use of medications and their dosages need. In addition, the drugs headache, abdominal pain … should also be prepared room unexpectedly cases. Photo: Sanatate.

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3. Charge the device: Whether the battery on your phone with healthy it is, the carrying charger or battery backup is never redundant. At least, this parsimony phone ensures normal operation until the next hotel, or help you to promptly handle the emails you receive / send urgently. Photo: Mentalfloss.

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4. valuables: Airlines and airports have very efforts to combat lose things, but it still occurs frequently. Therefore, let your wallet, jewelry, phone, camera, computer … under control, that is, bring them in hand luggage. Even clothing can also be stolen from your luggage deposit, so you can not subjective. Photo: Inns.

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5. Items Help entertainment: books, newspapers, magazines, game consoles … will cause flight becomes less tedious. However, you should limit or bulky items as they will lead to overweight baggage weight increase. In fact, the book is a great choice for when taking or landing, all electronic devices are prohibited from use. Photo: Airportthubbreaks.

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6. Underwear: If you want to bathe immediately after flight, you should prepare a set of underwear. The careful also help you more comfortable in case of baggage lost lac.Anh: Piezloves.  

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7. Ice cream and toothbrushes: If you want to speak confidently partner soon after to the airport, you need to bring these items to enlist oral hygiene. Of course, you can put them in checked baggage, but the suitcases immediately rummaged in a public place does not appear to be irrelevant. Photo: Ankenyfamilydentis.

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8. Supplies wear matching destination: If your destination is the land of a completely different climate, to bring appropriate clothes in hand luggage is not to be missed. This will not only bring comfort but also prevent you from getting heat stroke. Photo: Mentalfloss.

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9. Favorite snack:   Not everyone likes the food served on the plane, so you can fully prepare light meals like that for himself. Security personnel will allow customers to bring snacks as long as the food is sealed and not liquid. Photo: Snacktimetulsa.

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  10. Other important documents:   Tickets, passport always available in baggage and personal effects. In addition, invitations to address pre-printed, map the destination or the necessary documents in the journey should also be placed in hand luggage. Air travelers should also print electronic tickets, guide and work schedule despite save them in the phone, in case of “crickets” are running out of power or sudden stop. Photo: Engadget.U4

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