10 things to do before each travel trip overseas

Tourism has always been a sweet gift for yourself after the days work hard and please do not let the fruits that have “bitter” because of fundamental shortcomings. Here are 10 things you should do before each trip abroad.

1. Check passport

If you are not sure the last time I looked at my passport when open it immediately and pay attention to the expiration date.


Many countries require travelers manufacturing and entry must have a passport with more than 6 months before the expiry date.

Visa is an issue many people are interested, make sure you apply for a visa in the country needed and special attention to the information about visa if ownership of country A will have access to country B, without visa or the information on the visa upon landing (arrival visa).Depending on each country and territory but Vietnam passport holders will have different policies. If you feel insecure, do not hesitate to call directly to the college / consulate of the country you plan to visit for more information. Remember, as always costly visa and time so you have to check this information well before the date of departure.

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2. Take preventive medicine or vaccination

Depending on the country or destination, you’ll need to get vaccinated some vaccines (vaccine) or taking some medications before leaving for to prevent the disease.

Read the notice about the information related to the health issues of where you intend to set foot in particularly remote destinations like the jungles, deserts, plateaus. Also, always reserve enough or more of your drug during travel to not be passive in emergency cases. The drugs headache, abdominal pain, pain, allergies are very necessary especially the long journey to remote and urban areas far. If the disease is brought daily to weekly dosing should certainly not be forgotten in the same cure.

3. Check the warning or advice then please book

Before leaving, be sure to track information about the security situation in tourism and destination before booking button airplane, hotel or sightseeing tours. You also need to write the address and telephone number of higher / Vietnam consulate if you’re traveling abroad.

Established schedule for themselves from the date, flight, hotel and telephone address, tram lines, bus, ferry … if the self or cruise travel company proposal prepared if you go tour .

4. Preparation of financial

Before traveling abroad, make sure you call the bank that owns your credit card to ensure that the place you will be able to use the bank card and ask them in case of trouble you should do What. Should carry more than one credit card if possible and stored in two different safe places.

Before departing, make sure you know when the exchange rate and price estimates its place will come. Change a little cash and check information on the network as well as the popularity of ATMs at destination before you leave the initiative will also help you more money.

5. Photo all papers related to the trip.

Most important is the color photocopy of passport page with photo and passport number, identity card, ticket, hotel booking, train, boat … Own Store this photo papers in a different place in the luggage.

Also, with the era of digital technology, you can save all the information on the form of images or text files on laptops, tablets, smart phones without internet use.

If you save personal information in your phone or other handheld devices, make sure you set the secret code to limit the intrusion of outsiders.

6. Get international driving license

Car license in Vietnam may not be accepted in most of the country and so if you want to hug the wheel of weapons should apply for an international driving license. Processes and procedures also time consuming and of course, money should you need to complete before leaving early.

7. Prepare versatile socket

The electronic devices are often different depending on the regions and countries. Measure that you should also shop for a versatile socket ready to serve yourself anytime. You also need to check the power in order to avoid destinations case your device is not compatible. Laptop and phone charger usually drive is compatible with multiple power supply of 100V – 220V. If you have electronics or lower than allowed limits on that note, let’s look to buy power conversion tools to use. Currently the mobile charger for cameras, phones are being sold quite a lot and you do not hesitate to invest to buy a ready themselves to additional power at any time.

8. Learn few sentences, from simple indigenous

Episode remember simple words like “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Where is the Toilet”, in addition, thanks as much as possible so you will adapt to the new environment more.

If you know you suffer from allergies because the food does, vulnerable to what happens with the body condition, what medications used … make sure you know how to explain to people facing simple English or body language. If you feel anxious, please do not hesitate to ask people around typing / write sentences describing the basic conditions of you before departure.

9. Check the entry and exit fees

There are many countries require you to apply for a visa before landing but also the country in spite of the visa you still have to pay airport taxes or fees or immigration … Double check the information if you book on or through the dealer network to enter and exit at the airport and pay the fees to be proactive before.

10. Buying health insurance and travel insurance

Buying insurance is almost mandatory health insurance, including insurance and tourism. Do not regret a few tens of dollars because you are not sure that your journey will perfectly goes smoothly. Insurance is a way to protect yourself and your trip. Yet there are many types of insurance, but also provides for compensation you need to know before deciding to buy, especially the issues of health care abroad or canceled flights …

Wish you have the holidays full of joy.

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