10 tips image capture and storage when traveling

Carry enough equipment and photographic instruments, choose the appropriate time to put the machine are some tips to have more pictures like that while traveling.

Find out in advance about the tourist destination


Before the start of each trip, let’s find out your destination. This will help you choose the photogenic places with many beautiful shapes. Please use the search engines to look up places with beautiful scenery on your journey.

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Get familiar with the natives

A good photographer can capture beautiful photos at the scene seemed very normal. You can also owns the exclusive pictures if acquainted with the locals. They will show you the places to take beautiful photos that few people know. Learning some common phrases like “thank you”, “sorry”, “please” would be very helpful.

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Select a reasonable time

Light intensity differ greatly in the time of day, in addition to weather factors also affect the picture quality. “Happy Hour” for the machine’s arm began to dawn or dusk. Get up early before sunrise if you want to capture impressive frames under the first rays. Tips that you can buy postcards of destinations to see how they handle light.

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Patience when photographed

Take time to contemplate the context in order to find the perfect angle before shooting. You should go around photographing places or high hill climb (if any) to choose the angle and unique picture I like.

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Fully prepared photographic equipment

Carefully check luggage before leaving for the purchase of additional battery, lens or memory card in the trip will not be easy. You should compose maps on compact bags to protect photographic equipment.

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Bring a camera tripod

This equipment is essential if you want to capture night scenes, or shooting automatic timer. There are many types of tripod according to your purpose. Gorilla foot pod (pictured) can bend in any terrain – where you want to place the tripod. In addition it can easily be folded to fit into the backpack again.

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Choose outfits reasonable travel

Select the shoes good to not be sore feet when walking much, because you will have to scroll to select the best shooting angle. So if you wear a top hat outdoor landscape all day.

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Archive photos online

In some extreme cases, your camera may be damaged, lost or stolen. So please use the service to store data online and upload photos regularly. Similarly, a mobile hard drive is also essential to make backup copies of pictures taken.

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Travel blog

Make a travel blog to share your work.

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Choose the best kind of travel bag

Select the bag or backpack sure, lightweight and can hold a camera, a few lenses, batteries, phones, memory card, laptop … If you travel in areas where security is poor, it can protect your photo equipment from theft or in situations of sudden impact.

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