10 ways to avoid trouble when traveling Japan

Keeping silent when traveling on public transport, bathing nude in the hot springs … are the things you should keep in mind when to Japanese.

The number of tourists to Japan in May rose 43% 4/2015 compared to the same period in 2014. And projected until 2020 Olympics, the number of tourists flock to Japan should rise again. Here are some useful note that guests need to remember when sunrise this country:


1. Always go on the crossing line striping

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The Japanese drive very principle, they will decry big voice, scolded when he saw a person go carelessly, improperly crossing regulations.

2. The outdoor smoke will be fined

The restaurants, bars and some private companies in Japan still allow smoking. But in most cities including Toyko and Osaka, the outdoor smoking (especially during the day) will be fined up to 50,000 yen ($ 8 million), except for some street corners for smoking allowed.

3. Do not litter

While many other countries have turned a blind eye if somebody throw cigarette butts or pieces of plastic bag on the Japanese road unforgiving. Those marveled eyes will not toward those peculiar fashion but to stare at her house candy on the street people. They really do not accept any reason for that because trash indiscriminately public have been installed conveniently available everywhere.

4. Throwing rubbish into bins properly classified

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In Japan the bins are divided into “burnable” and not fire “. So sorting garbage into bins standards before, help the destruction, disposal is easier.

5. Do not point the finger at others

It pointed to one that was quite popular in the country but in Japan it is considered rude, even chopsticks or leg just so.

6. Always Queue

From the escalators to the barges, store them lined up in a very orderly. Even the train station or subway is always crowded places and especially in the morning rush hour, but the Japanese people remain sane behavior.

7. Install silent mode and restrict phone aboard merchant

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Take a train or subway, people can freely makeup, electronic games, texting or sleep, as long as no fuss. And remember never eating all aboard.

8. Bring a gift when visiting someone’s home

When the other guests to do the Japanese always take off your shoes and put on slippers to keep clean for employers. At the same time they often say: “O-jama Shimasu!” (“Sorry for bothering you”) and carrying a small gift o-miyage called to give the home.

9. No need to tip when dining or take a taxi

The Japanese restaurant does not allow employees to receive gratuities from customers. If you have to exceed the amount payable on the table, they will chase to return.

Similarly the taxi driver, too, most of them strictly uniform, hat and white gloves, always return the excess money and refuse any bonuses. One other thing to note is that they are taxis in Japan equipped with automatic doors so visitors should not automatically open the door manually.

10. Do not wear swimsuits at hot spring

The onsen – hot springs are popular in Japan. Rare Japanese person to take a shower but swimsuits or bikinis to wear in hot springs at all, almost as if they were naked. Except for a few cases have tattoos should be covered.

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