10 ways to prevent diseases while traveling

Health during the trip is very important, please note the following for a full itinerary offline.

1. Wash your hands with soap

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This is a basic and familiar to you at home, but many people forget when traveling. Some people often use hand wash gel dry but wherever convenient, the soap and water is still the best.

2. Drink bottled water

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When you are not sure about the purity of water at your destination, use bottled water and remember to check labels stamp.

3. Avoid food poisoning

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Food poisoning is one of the causes of diarrhea and digestive problems on your adventure journey and many people encounter this. It should be noted food items are cooked, try to avoid roadside kiosks, no hygiene.

4. Eat familiar foods

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Enjoy the local specialties is a pleasure but who also want to enjoy the trip. But with the cause indigestion or food allergy, it’s best not to taste if not unhappy about later. Instead, use the familiar food to get power, you are way ahead to explore the body.

5. Exercise regularly

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One of the healthy and strengthen the immune system most is exercise. Even if you have been infected, the body healthy and more easily resuscitation.

6. To protect the body from the sun

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Sunburn is such a terrible thing. Do not forget sunscreen, SPF of at least 30 or more offline and drink plenty of water.

7. Vaccination

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Prevention is always better than cure. Not everyone must be vaccinated before each trip because it depends on your vaccination history, area or time to travel. But did not admit to note this in the manual du theater you ‘.

8. Having a screen for mosquito bites

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Mosquito, bite din is the nightmare of all tourists because they cause itching, pain and even diseases like dengue, Japanese encephalitis and malaria. But in conditioned rooms also reduce mosquito bites but it’s best to wear long-sleeved cotton clothes and going to bed nets.

9. Bring medications

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The treatment pill flu, diarrhea or fever reduction, pain relief is essential that you must manually available in backpacks.

10. Medical examinations before each trip

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Time advised to check the health of the health center is 6 to 8 weeks before the trip distance, long days to vaccinate or detect instability issues of the body.

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