12 handy tips for those new to travel first visit

At the beginning the trip, I completely do not know what is waiting and no one to share my experiences, so here are 12 tips that I would like to share with you. “

Don’t be scared

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If this is the first travel, you may feel scared and worried, but there’s nothing scary when you are not the first to travel the world. You also don’t have to travel for the purpose of exploration, discovering new continents or seek out new lands.

The trip to the old road for injector, annual world with millions of people traveling, they can do so make sure you also can do it.

Don’t be too dependent on the travel guide book

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Of course the books travel guide will bring you an overarching vision that points you to the.However, the destination or the diner in the manual has a lot of visitors and sometimes the information in the guide book also was too old.

So, if you want to learn a new land is best you should ask the locals or those instructions in the hotels where you stay.

Go slowly enjoy your travel

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With limited vacation time, try to imagine whether you have 20 days off and you rush to travel through 20 different cities, so you will feel nothing during his trip or just “horse-watch the” and then check-in to Facebook. The trip like that would certainly not remain what feelings in you.

Not to be hasty in your trip. Go slowly enjoy your trip and take the time to explore the culture where you come out.

Please ask the contact information of the people you meet on the way

During the trip, you will meet many interesting people, perhaps one of them will become your best friend in the future. So when I meet someone exciting along the way that you do not hesitate to ask them to facebook or email, here are the means of keeping in touch with people after your trip.

Don’t bring too many clothes or toiletries

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You are traveling rather than moving house or fashion shows, so please bring these items really necessary for your trip, please.

So bring your phone

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On the journey to discover the area know where you will meet many people, “the companion program”. Of course you can ask Facebook or email them, here are the convenient channel for keeping in touch but this is not a good idea for people who are constantly on the move. Cheap phones and SIM cards are available all over the world. So you should bring your phone to be able to communicate directly with people you know.

Flexibility in scheduling travel

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You are planning for your trip, and follow it. However, far too little time for the brand your funds while the plan too much, you’re sure to hurry and not feel out of his place to beauty.

So you be flexible in planning travel, a day you should only plan one or two operations and to the rest of the space. Then, you can take advantage of this time to explore or do those go I love u.

Spent more money during traveling

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Travel will not be expensive as you might think, in Asia the cost for one day picnic will be about $ 15 and Europe is 40 USD, however there will be unexpected costs arise during your trip. You’ll probably unforeseeable changes in your trip, so it is best you should bring more of the money that you need for the trip.

Don’t be too shy

You are an introvert, not having the courage to talk to strangers but you know, all the people around you are all tourists just like you and just say “hello”, perhaps things would be different. During each trip, everyone wanted to meet more for friendship so just you “open” perhaps you’ll have more friends after his trip.


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You are afraid of heights, you don’t like sports, you don’t dare to try dishes in horror, … to the new land why do you not accept the risk and try new things, the feeling will be very impressive and certainly the things that will help you be more confident after the trip.

You are not bound on his travels

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If you hated to travel and feel nothing fun during the trip, let’s stop and take a break. Could spend a few days in a town or a city that you enjoy and relax. If you still hate to travel, always remember that you can go home if you do not find joy in the journey.

You are not alone

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Wherever you go there will also be many visitors like you. They will show you the insider tips. Even though you are traveling alone but make sure you will never be alone.


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