4 leisure tourism as ‘neglected’ technology map

Discover many talents, the chances of you or not be bothered by the work are the benefits that this brings.

Today, the equipment is always real separation with any phượt player. You look up the map, hotel booking, search address dissipated, distress calls when necessary, listening to music on the car, take a picture, post it on Facebook to check in to … under each foot travel.

However, try to imagine a day line up that absence of a phone, music player, iPad or laptop, you will have the lessons really of value have never been realized.

Discover his existence not bad

When traveling, the self-sufficiency plan breaks occur constantly. It’s rarely like what you outlined from at home. Lost, lost paperwork, loss of money, loss of map, trouble with hotels, places to visit close suddenly or change the sightseeing bus or rail card, suddenly failed. In this circumstance, if carrying electronic equipment, you can find quickly the information you need or call for help.

In the case of “hand does not catch the aggressors”, you are forced to handle, manipulate memory, ability to communicate, observation, orientation of thinking to solve the situation hang on this oăm. You will discover that, I have not a bad living in circumstances of urgency.This will give you a lot of experience in the next trip or even in life.


The opportunity to make friends more

You think you can live well with the friend from long ago, or through social networks. This is not wrong, however, if restricted in that relationship, you will miss the opportunity to make friends on the road phượt.

Try deliberately to forget your phone at home one day, you will have the opportunity to observe the local people more, start a conversation with people mingle on a subway. You will realize that the smile with a stranger can really bring out the magic that previously, when stick taken phone, iPad you have never known.

If the winner acquainted with someone who shared the same interests in tourism with great prowess. Many phượt players recognize that friendships along the way “bushwalking” is often very interesting and inspiring. Have you ever thought that right only in the back, you just put the phone down is visible.

Enjoy, explore a possible

Have a routine that most of us suffer, which is shooting Self-indulgence and check in constantly on the move. Do you think this job will save yourself many memories, many images reminds after coming home; There is also a breeze with friends at home.

But it seems that you forgot that the main purpose of the tour is to discover and enjoy. The spectacular nature scenery and beautiful than a lot of what’s being restricted images you photographed. Singing birds, Sunrise, the pleasant atmosphere, the mood relaxed serenity is the stuff that you can’t carry on. So, don’t take a step back and take a picture once, let’s temporarily put the phone in my pocket and great scenery outside.

Don’t be bothered by the work

Many people think that carry computers, iPad can help you solve more jobs at home during away games. However, except for those situations too delayed, did not, you should do all of the work in the House to not be bothered or stress, sorry your work, remember you are lost and the number of days it used to take a break.

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