Long ago, the Maldives is known as paradise down world, many famous travel journal in the world voted to place 1 time in my life.The same reference 5 important things to know when choosing a holiday tour to the paradise of the Maldives you?:

1 . The first day to the Maldives has been on holiday in the Resort or not?


Characteristics of the luxury resort in the Maldives which is 1 resort is an island separate. The first night, when you come to the capital Male, many tours to the Maldives on the market today does not take you directly to the Resort, where guests spend 1 Hotel in the capital, with the reason: get 1 night lodging in the capital Male to rehabilitation before leaving the Resort.

This will make you really took the time because when the Male, time to move up Resort speedboat only spend about 30-45 minutes. Think of the view, If you accept to remain the capital Male is only one night in 3-star hotel, the next morning, before departing the resort you are also standard breakfast buffet 3 stars. When out to Resort in the Maldives, you have to wait wait languished in 14 came after noon check in and rest.

Resort in the Maldives
This means that when the Maldives, you have to spend one more night and the second half might actually enjoy the highest level of service to vacation paradise is that while the residents don’t really match with the money you’ve spent registered tour Maldives.Think, if the first night to the Maldivian capital of Male, you go straight out to Resort only to spend a little time, but all the services and facilities offered are in the international 4-star standard and above, you will select how?!

2. Longer days of Vietnam, there are 8 hour dissipated off the road or not?

With the vast majority of the Maldives are present, on the last day when from Resort back to the capital Male to wait for the flight back to Vietnam, the customer will have to stay in the capital Male from 6-8 hoursin a big suitcase carry, worn in a few days for travel offers peace of mind , believed to rest in the meantime.

Tired of waiting

Check that, the company organizes tours to the Maldives, has prepared for you holiday hotel room in the capital while waiting for the flight back to Vietnam is not it? This does not only help you feel better to prepare for the flight back to Vietnam, where the guests also have room to take off the luggage in the hotel safe, and spoiled for exploring the capital Male in the mind most comfortable ergonomics.

3. gift travel would fit a trip to paradise?

Normally for customers when touring, the tour currently use gift quite universal: Laptop Backpacks, hats links, passport leather cover. These types of gifts are not really in line with trips to paradise of the Maldives, where for a long time you have dream’d to 1 times.

Therefore, before deciding to register for tours to Maldives, please consult carefully considered gifts which when registered tour you will receive includes what you. Try to imagine, if it is a sim phones available to you ready for Vietnam whenever there is going to more secure lot? Or likea bag, so you spoiled carry smartphone into the sea, producing the most amazing moments?

Hot posing with a bikini and a beautiful scarf

Or such, the gift is a fret neck gown with chiffon material, not only helps you with umbrellas but also keeps you relaxed to create designs, take photos sprawl, especially in a place as heaven holiday resorts such as Maldives.

Remember to ask the tour staff on the issue of gifts on this tour you nhé.

4. Services that match with the senior tour 1 or not?

To the Maldives, definitely something that starting price is not cheap. So if you’ve spent a tidy sum to enjoy luxury travels, you should ask the tour added to the services you deserve it or not, Yes.


Attentive customer service, worthy of the tour

Try to imagine, in Vietnam, when Maldives tour registration, on the first departing, you get 1 private car transport from the point of focus to take advantage of the airport along bulky luggage will comfortable knowing you.

Moreover, on the last day when the capital Male, you get 1 whole tour Maldives capital or not, okay? This not only helps you explore the life, culture, but also a chance to learn the features of the people where the island paradise.
Remember, ask your counselor for this issue carefully nhé!

5. The activity in the Maldives you no fee?

While signing tour Maldives, please consult carefully the company organizes tours for you, that in the chapter you are referencing, the exciting activities in Maldives such as hovercraft ride sweeping Maldives, watching the ocean floor with submarines, large Dolphin spotting cruise or a romantic dinner, and were taken on the tour cost or not, is it?

Hovercraft experience over the Maldives

To grasp this, you will be more active in the preparation of cash-carrying for a trip to the Maldives resort paradise.

Above are 5 important things to know before you decide to sign up 1 holiday tour to the paradise of Maldives. Please note carefully and ask the staff of any company to 1 are organized tours to the Maldives to ensure for themselves a real trip perfect and safe.

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