5 thing to remember order to avoid astray in Paris

The cars line the busiest crossing, hut with identical architecture or subway system interlaced, confusing that many tourists confused in the capital lost light.

Understanding the secrets below, moving in Paris will no longer be a drag for you.


Keep a map with you

Upon arriving in Paris, go to the newsstand in the airport and the subway (metro) to get free maps. Typically, you will get a map subways and buses, helps you easily map out a roadmap to move and not to forget the road to the hotel.

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Subway network interlacing very convenient for Paris but a tourist haunt. Photo:RATP.

Capture the hotel name and street name

This may seem redundant, but it is something that you must remember. The streets of Paris are generally small (except for the boulevard – the Boulevard), there are many parallel lines with identical architecture will easily make you confused. So, remember the phone captures hotel name, street name and location you want to.

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Photo taken at the county road name 6. Photo: mrodenberg.

Mark station to the metro and tunnel signage

Paris subway system complex with nearly 20 routes and hundreds of different pier. The first thing you have to do is circle the metro station next to the hotel on the metro map, and mark the locations needed.

Each ship has two-way street go-colored and have the same number of separate symbols. Therefore, when the metro tunnel down, notice the signage to know that you have to walk in the tunnel in any direction, the train of these, take the afternoon to reach the desired place.

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Remember the names of subway stations to not get lost in the “world tunnel” of Paris. Photo: Wikimedia.

Use the support on the phone navigation

Just have the internet, travelers in Paris can easily use GPS and RATP application on different types of smart phones. If GPS is a global positioning system, which helps you determine the direction easily, RATP is a route search application to use the public transport the most logical way. You can preload the application on your phone.

However, to apply this know-how, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of money, especially if you use the internet service in the mobile packet network roaming Vietnam. So, look before schedule when you are still at the hotel. In cases reluctantly, find a cafe, buy a drink and asked cup internet password there.

Learn some French structure necessary

Although in recent years, Parisians are increasingly proving that the “French people do not speak English” is in the past, you should still learn some structure in case of lost. Please use Google Translate and record the reading basic questions like: Pouvez-vous m’aider (You can help me?), Je veux aller à … (I want to go to …), … to prevent worst case.

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