6 New Zealand travel tips affordable

Mountain scenery stretches, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and friendly people that make New Zealand a tourist destination in the destination list in the life of many people.

Though attractive but many tourists have ignored many discovered by expensive to move and stay in this country. Price shocks could be bigger but does not mean there is no way to enjoy the beauty of the distant land of elves managed this a relatively cheap way.


Tourism New Zealand , Auckland City , volcanic Rangitoto Island , New Zealand
Auckland and Sky Tower symbol tall buildings 328m 

1. Tourist season

This is the easiest way to watch New Zealand without spending a lot of money. Tourism high season in New Zealand fell in the summer (December to February). However, many leading ski areas like Queenstown, Wanaka, Cardrona and Tongariro National Park ranked second peak during the winter (May to August).

Select travel between peak and off-peak season (March, April, September and October) to avoid crowded and expensive prices while still enjoying the weather, activities and landscapes unbelievable.

Best time to visit is in the spring when animals bloom, and in autumn when the trees turn to brilliant colors of yellow, red, orange.

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Volcanic island Rangitoto seen from the city of Auckland 

2. Investments city tour tickets

If you count the time spent in the bustling cities of Auckland and Wellington New Zealand as they invest city tour tickets. The discounted tickets will take you to the many tourist attractions of the city’s leading – a fraction of the cost spent for each admission.

With multi travel ticket Auckland’s multipass, you can go to the top attractions in the city’s ferry to the volcanic island Rangitoto Fuller or the highest building on the New Zealand Sky Tower (328m).

In the capital, Wellington, city tour ticket allows visitors to visit the famous zoo, take a tram and many other discounts everywhere. Queenstown no tickets offered “all in one”, but in winter the ski ticket allows visitors to choose ski slopes in many different.

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The young Vietnamese and Malaysian travel and work in New Zealand for a breakfast picnic in the park Queens Park, Invercargill 

3. Car

Between the major cities of New Zealand’s lush forests, rugged mountains and sparkling glaciers. The best way to look at the natural wonders of this without losing money for guides as car hire or car camping (campervan).

Many beautiful scene in this remote country situated in places that you encounter almost by accident, and this is more easily done when you drive yourself. New Zealand has many car rental companies with affordable, such as Jucy Rentals and Thrifty offer car and truck with the lowest price 22NZD / day.

If that price is still too high, look for the car transfer service that allows you to rent a car with 1NZD price / day, as long as you help move this car to go to other cities, but popular is the route to go to Christchurch or Auckland Queenstown Christchurch travel and vice versa.

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Landscape forests, majestic valley in Central Otago, New Zealand 

4. Plan the camping

New Zealand is a country with lots of natural beauty and a great way to experience this is to sleep outside under the stars. Camping is not only the best way to enjoy the splendor two main islands of the country, but also a choice of accommodation with the most affordable price.

If you rent a camper can comfortably encamped, not spend any money, as long as the vehicle is equipped with toilets. However, you can not just camp anywhere you like, so do your homework in advance to avoid penalties.

And if you camped, locals recommend choosing one of 250 campsites New Zealand Department of Conservation, which is equipped with basic toilet, water, barbecue. The cost is minimal, anywhere and from 1-20NZD.

The campsite has more facilities such as recreation room, kitchen, laundry room, nicer bathrooms are also popular. Prices range 10-40NZD, relatively cheap compared to the cost of a hotel room around 100NZD.

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Glenorchy – where filming of the famous Lord of the Rings

5. Balance operational costs with free activities

What made New Zealand famous is the abundance of adventure activities a full contribution, which is available everywhere. Although some adventure activities most commonly come with significant price but much outdoor experience New Zealand’s famous complimentary.

To keep the funds, please balance adventure activity but costly with free activities. For example, you spend 195NZD to bungee jumping (diving from a certain height with rubber straps secure tie) in Queenstown, omit the helicopter sightseeing tour Glacier Franz Josef Glacier but instead go walk up there.

Be fast breaks where filming of Lord of the Rings (Lord of the Rings) for up to catch the bus 250NZD but cheaper to go to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing of Tongariro National Park with 50NZD, where the main dial of the film and also is one of the walkways offer the best day in New Zealand.

6. Hire locals

Kiwi population is extremely hospitable, and many travelers their rent cheaper hotels nearby.To truly live like a local resident, rent a house or apartment on airbnb.co.nz or bookabach.co.nz.

These sites allow you to rent a holiday home anywhere in New Zealand with prices fluctuate greatly varies. These homes are not only cheaper but also equipped kitchen with fully functional, easy to self-prepare meals and avoid spend money on restaurants.

For optimal time to save this country, be truly immersed in Kiwi culture, thanks to the owner only helps the cheap groceries and best places to spot a local meal but affordable convenient.

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