6 scroll to the road in Vietnam of foreigners

Many travelers call the translated as “art” and more like an adventure game, but fun.

Foreign visitors to Vietnam are more enjoyable experience. One of them is how to face the traffic and they have shared the scroll to his success on Odditycentral.

“Forgotten emergency” the standards to the

“If you have plans to go to Vietnam, be prepared to forget everything that was taught on the street, such as waiting for the media to stop marking for pedestrian and light traffic signals.In Vietnam, people sang the way by going straight ahead and create their own path while the vehicle is still running. That is the only way “, Sumitra-one foreigners ever to Vietnam said.

The foreign guests largely for that to the road in Vietnam look and heard the very dangerous, but very interesting indeed. Signal lamps and planned for pedestrians sometimes are not necessary, but the driver would understand your intentions.

Will no one crashing into you.

Sumitra admitted initially translated way of England may sound risky, but it’s really very interesting. “Pass the crowd isn’t bad thing. Miraculously, nobody hit you somewhere “, Sumitra said.

Pay close attention to the vehicles bore on his side

Sumitra said he watched some videos on how to track, and it really is a miracle. Streets filled sealed cars, bikes and pedestrians, then to the road easily. You just need to pay attention to the direction of movement of the vehicle, looking for a space, and then from from crossing. “There is no better way to both, because of the fact that traffic is a nightmare in the major cities such as Hanoi, HO CHI MINH CITY,” said Sumitra.

Don’t be scared

In the eyes of foreign tourists, who drive the air quite carefully, they move slowly, acumen and caution so as not to hit a pedestrian. So what you should do is go straight to the sugar, slowly but not stopped and especially don’t be scared.

To the road in Vietnam is like a miracle, no one was injured although the always crowded.

Do not stand in front of the bus

Evelyn Hannon, a tourist has just come to visit Vietnam, also talks about how she learned to here: “the staff where I advised that I see are ready just steps down the road, then slowly move. They also told me I should not stepped in front of the bus because of this type of car could not stop easily. Also I n n motorcycles are concerned, because they can avoid me. The most important thing is getting down the road not to stop, to motorists who can guess the direction of movement and adjust their driver “.

Police in Vietnam are not scary

Evelyn said as embarrassing to the way she has been helping many people: A local man, a group of American students and a young policeman Vietnam. “I realized that policemen in bright blue uniforms so adorable. He has been helping me. And all you have to do is smile and waving to them, “Evelyn shares.

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