6 signs you are a little traveler are greeted

Lack of respect for indigenous culture, photographed in place should not be allowed or not to leave a tip … is what turn you into the visitors not to love.

Upon arrival in a country, the local population’s sympathy for you is also important. What to do to not alienate people? Please refer to the signs below to avoid offense to:


Inappropriate dress

Agree that you have the right to wear whatever she wants but should also be a limit. When coming to the country, the more you need the “enter his options”. Such as at step into mosques or temples, people should wear discreet, polite. You can’t wear short skirts, Austria two wire and into the sacred place.

Photographed in places not allowed

Some visitors have a habit of taking pictures anytime, anywhere to post up the social network as marking the trip. However, for those places do not allow photography, you should respect that. Beautiful memories remain even when no photographs would be taken.

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Mingle with locals and grateful affection will help you to have a memorable trip. Photo: Huffington Post

Do not try to learn the local language

English is a common language in the world and most people are used to communicate while traveling. However, this familiar language does not mean you ignore learning more in his place to. Next time, try to say ‘ ni hao ‘ ‘, ‘ ‘ bonjour ‘ ‘ or ‘ ‘ aloha ‘ ‘ with the indigenous people, they will surely take the sympathy for you more.

Comment, cultural disparagement of other countries

A little tip for you when traveling is to be objective. Avoid giving comment or disparagement of people, the country that if you don’t have enough time to experience here.

Do not leave money tip

In many countries, money for staff is a culture. You step into the restaurant, called the dish and the staff brought out for you with respect. So when the user is finished, please tip them breakfast, 10%-20% of Bill Montes or directly in cash. They deserve to be paid when the thoughtfulness in serving you.

Always bargain

Pay the price when stores sometimes a small joy of tourists. However, you should also know when to pay the price and do not. For those where giving extraordinary prices, bargain is necessary. But if only more expensive water bottles with a USD that you keep contract period claiming dropped then probably not great.

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