8 items should carry when go to the beach

Sort luggage when traveling is the one art form! If you bring too few, you might discover you have forgotten essential items. If you carry too much, you’ll have to struggle carrying heavy luggage.

One of the top choices of summer travel is a cruise.


Besides planning your trip, then arrange luggage when traveling is also an art.

If you carry too little, probably on arrival you will discover you forgot to bring personal items essential. If you carry too much, you’ll have to struggle with the items you might not touched during the trip.

To help you do not fall into either of the above situations, the following is a list of 8 items to bring the cruise for you.

1. Sunglasses

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As you know, constantly squinting because the tropical sun was horrific at all. This was not the hated wrinkles will “drop the excess water turbidity” too!

If possible, please prepare two different sunglasses: a very trendy and good quality, helps protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun and a normal glass, affordable price to use once you get crowded places are likely to make you lose them or the environment can be harmful to the quality of the glass, such as you want to wear glasses for swimming, for example.

2. Sunscreen

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Besides bringing sunscreen, you should also check the expiry date of sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals on your skin. Should apply sunscreen often if you exposed to sunlight for long periods in order to protect you from the risk of skin cancer.

In addition to sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen active ingredients should also listed as items indispensable when your cruise.

3. Hair Brushes

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A small comb with nylon or plastic materials will help you not tangle hair after bathing. You should also bring some conditioner dry (leave-in condition) to protect from chemical hair after the pool water or sea water.

4. Drink

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High temperatures in summer days make you dehydrate faster. Always carry a water bottle as a cruise. To keep the cold water throughout the day, your water bottle in half, then put in the freezer. The next day, you add water to the bottle. So you’ve had cold water throughout the day without having to wait talc miserable anymore.

5. wipes

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Sweat, sea water and sunscreen sometimes cause your skin to be “trouble breathing”. The meantime, wet paper towels are great savior, return freshness to your skin. Additionally, you can also use a damp paper towel to wipe my face or clean your hands before eating.

6. Underwear

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Obviously you have to bring in luggage underwear. However, do not forget to bring clean underwear in your beach bags. Usually, after swimming, you can wear a bikini to the hotel, but if you suddenly want to go play somewhere where there is no time to go back to the hotel to change clothes, lingerie will make your reserve feel so lucky.

7. Caps (hats)

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Besides protecting your skin from the sun, a hat will also help keep your hair sticky.

8. Moisturizer

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When cruise all day, your skin will lose moisture. Hands and feet are regions prone skin Best moisture loss over the entire body. A small tube of moisturizer in the bag seafarers will help to provide enough moisture needed for your skin.

Have a fun outing in summer sea yourself!

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