8 useful and indispensable objects when traveling

There will be no problem when the next trip, you can add to the bag luggage 8 things “silly” but will help facilitate trip and significant cost savings there?!

1. The power outlet

A multiple outlet sockets will help you a lot when you need to charge your fold for these items such as cell phones, laptop, ipad …

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2. large hand Towel

A large hand towel will help you shield your body, clean glass, bun, and even a handbag Hobo in order to accommodate the furniture for you.


3. Duct tape rolls

From the packing of baggage to the broken holes on the shoes, bag, or clothing, etc. Duct tape will get you timely fire unwanted situations.


4. The Goblet round tours

In addition to using for drinking water, the Goblet round travel safety above can help you contain souvenirs, jewelry etc. During your trip, this Dipper can be a reliable partner to help you store valuables in your hotel room.


5. wet paper towels

Wet paper towels are not only for children! You can use them to clean their hands and kill germs on door handles, tables, and other public places. You can also use them as a bath towel keeps you awake after a day of fun sightseeing.


6. The bottle filling travel cosmetics

The bottle filling tiny travel cosmetics will help you avoid wasting moisturizer, sunscreen, hair products and expensive. They are transparent, soft, easy to clean and are easy to extract.


7. Pin

PIN is a multifunctional travel. They will help you fix the problem of the buttons on the clothes are lost, they can be used even when in danger of …


8. cargo Bag

Many stores abroad will charge extra for single-use plastic bags. So, carrying a large bag containing items that will help you save substantially. You can also use them to contain the map of dirt after the entertainment.



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