9 secret team to use public transportation when the travel abroad

Foreign travel and the use of public transport is not only a way to help you save costs, but also a good experience for you to understand more about the local culture.

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1. Learn about the area’s transportation

In each world depending on different economic conditions, will have these types of vehicles are most commonly used. Therefore, before you need to learn about the media that is often used in place of tourism, how to move, how to buy tickets and schedule the operation of the airport to have envisioned the best on his trip.

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2. Move to the central area of the station

If you intend to take the subway or the train to move, you should not stand in the area near the entrance. Because in this place will usually very crowded and people often move constantly, so will easily lead to be Crooks steal hook. In the central area stations often have the benches reserved for foreign tourists sat waiting, convenience for the rest, very safe.

3. To the foot and your bags out of seats

Don’t see the secluded and ride the Chair next to you’s free, that abandoned the leg along the bag stuff up the seats, because this action is considered tasteless. More importantly, since this is a public medium, so immediately after that will be more the next passenger in the car and went looking for the seats. Remember always to his feet on the ground, and put the bag on your person.

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4. find a good place on the car

In a bus or on the subway, if not also the seat then please choose a standing position the best. Remember that your hands always cling to the bar grip on the car, to avoid when the car stop suddenly you will not fall into the other passengers.

5. Always observe the surroundings

Always be awake and aware you are in place, and observe the view around him have problems would not unrest. By this not only helps you detect unusual things on the car during the trip abroad, but also can help local police arrested be criminals.

6. carefully store the personal

When moving you should carry personal belongings to a minimum. In addition, other important items such as papers, wallets, cell phone … get into a small bag and wear a cross before the chest. Always be aware that, on the public media will have a lot of different people, and not always around you also was a good person.

7. Always keep your ticket in a private location in the bag

Please keep your ticket ready in a private placement of the bag, and not to come with other important papers. By on the crowded bus, when you hook your purse to grab a ticket for the Ombudsman, could you that money and the type of credit card and other expensive items, create conditions for work you will become a target for thieves.

8. Let’s behave politely

Always be polite though those on the car may not be the same with your voice, don’t try to jostle and push others, always sorry if causes the unwanted action, and used the sentence to thank when someone make a seat for you. Treat everyone with courtesy, and you will also receive the similar action.

9. Always keep their seats are clean

Means of public transport are served to everyone, and we all have the obligation to keep it clean. Avoid the action of smoking, or spit on the vehicle, always turn to another place or mouth if you cough or sneezing — soy sauce. Finally, if you see around their seats have trash and empty bottles, then please pick up and put in the trash. Just a little action, but will also cause people to have the other reviews about you while traveling abroad.

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