9 susceptible to mistakes when traveling overseas

When traveling abroad, you are faced with the difficulties arising from differences in language and culture. Here are nine mistakes many frequent travelers.


1. Not preparing cash or preventive identification

Habits leave all cash, credit cards and identification in general a very dangerous wallet. If theft or robbery miss, you’ll be in big trouble. Best to have more than one credit card, and cash reserve copies of personal documents. Passport stored in separate bags. You can manually manage the troubled land where the visitors.

2. Carrying heavy luggage

Bring too much baggage can cause you trouble on the way. You can not quickly escape dangerous situations because of heavy lifting. Baggage many also makes you become the target of bad guys as you demonstrated themselves as tourists. The travel backpack can carry on your shoulder helps comfortable and safer to move.

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3. Do not buy travel insurance

You should not save money by not purchasing travel insurance. Maybe you think “there will not be anything serious,” but the insurance will be an end to an accident, emergency medical situations, theft or natural disaster. Please read the charter in order to understand the usefulness of travel insurance.

4. Open the door for strangers

You are in the room when he heard a knock on the door and you open the door immediately without checking through peephole on the door. This will act recklessly endangering. Strangers can be disguised bandit or housekeeping staff with the intention to steal. Therefore, please always check the peephole. If you call the service or maintenance rooms, so call to confirm before the opening reception.

5. Drink the cup

Traveling and enjoying alcoholic drinks of local experience is very great. But you need to control the drinker and avoid unsafe environment. When drunk, you easily become prey for criminals. If you feel tipsy, you should refrain from drinking, rest and drink plenty of water.

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6. Take a taxi “ma”

Taxi “ghost” may be cheaper, but also contains many hidden dangers. You should find out in advance and reputable taxi permits at the destination or the hotel by car to call for help.

7. Tell others about accommodation

Familiarize yourself new friends makes the trip more interesting. However, you should be careful not to rush them know the address or number of rooms the hotel, especially if you are female or traveling alone. The above information may make them bounce greed or scams. You should answer atrophied or divert the conversation when asked personal information.

8. Do not learn the status of local thieves

Before traveling, you should seek information on the Internet for “Top 10 style heist in …”. You can imagine situations before will happen to be more careful when on the road or to the public.

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9. Wear a lot of jewelry or valuable items

Do not let you become easy prey for thieves by wearing jewelry, a camera phone or expensive. You should use the old bag containing the camera and wearing cheap jewelry accessories.

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