Airports do travelers spend time moving

Away from the center about 100 km, many international airports in Tokyo, London, Paris … that visitors take an extra long time to move after landing.


212 km distance from the city center to airport Paris Vatry France. The airport is low-cost carrier Ryanair operators to take guests to Paris. Travel time about 2 hours.

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The center of Frankfurt city 126 km, airport Frankfurt – Hahn will “consume” guests one hour 24 minutes to go.

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Although from Oslo, Norway 118 km but after being extended in 1960 and 1997, Oslo-Torp Airport (Sandefjord) has become a destination for some airlines bring visitors to the national capital.

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Munich Airport West is cheap by many tourists choose to come to Munich.However this place downtown from about 113 km with a 17-minute drive hours.

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Stockholm, Sweden is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world with many red brick buildings located on the waterfront. Apart from Arlanda, Skavsta airport is also welcome international visitors to Stockholm. But this center is where the capital about 108 km.

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London Oxford Airport is located in Kidlington, Oxfordshire county. It is a center of England’s capital with nearly 100 km over 1.5 hours by car moves.

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Girona Airport to Barcelona, ​​Spain near 98 km are many tourists choose make stops to visit this city. Travel time is about an hour and 16 minutes.

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If you want to Hamburg, Germany and stopped in Lubeck-Hamburg airport, 78 km is the distance you need to move to the city center.

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London is one of the attractive tourist cities in the world with many famous sights. If landing at London Southend Airport, Essex, northeast of London, travelers will take about an hour and a half to move more than 67 km distance to the city center.

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Tokyo Narita Airport is one of the transit points Visitor arrival busiest Tokyo. But here the way downtown than 63 km and takes about 50 minutes drive.

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