The best time for traveling

Traveling on weekdays, you not only save money on hotel rooms, plane, but also avoid price increases bluff, the crowds in the sights.


Rather than go on weekends or holidays, you can arrange a time for friends or family traveling on weekdays, especially during the summer holidays are.

Hotel prices, cheaper plane

There is a price difference is quite clear when booking the hotel between weekdays and weekends. According to Huffingtonpost, it is because prices are calculated based on the amount of availability. For the week, the hotels tend to be located at that lower room rates, down to 30% or even 50%. Fewer bookings also mean that you upgrade or change proposal spacious, good view easier. Similarly when you book flights.

Also, in some places you can check when booking late in the week. For example in the US, members of AARP (Association of people over 50 years old) are allowed at 14h check at the Hilton across the country every day of the week.

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You can make use vacation time for children is scheduled for family outings on weekdays.Photo: Independent

Walking slowly

People tend to travel, visit family home in the holidays. Consequently, the docks, airport vehicles and the often crowded than usual. Although airlines, trains, garage always trying to increase flights to meet demand but your travel does not necessarily comfortable. Selecting travel on weekdays, you will not suffer from crowded, congestion on the road or the pier, bus stations and airports.

Quality of service

Eating is one of the issues that travelers consider when on holiday. Do weekdays, the restaurant is not overloaded so you can enjoy better service as quick service, ample space, the price is not tight guillotine … Not to mention the quality of food and drink will better than the restaurant because the preparation time, meet the needs of visitors.

Free tour

Typical for the situation where the crowded weekend was a swimming pool, beach summer days. Not only children but adults also take advantage of this respite to take bath cooling.Coast hundreds of meters wide, multiple-lane pool would become cramped because of people flock to. A corollary problem occurs is difficult to ensure hygiene. Thus, entering a period crowded as during the week, you’ll avoid the crowds jostle and feel secure about the sanitation problem.

Restaurants, museums and shopping malls crowded on weekends. Therefore, visiting tourist attractions in weeks you can cut short the waiting time and visiting around.

Reduce the risk of pickpockets, robbery

Condition crowded, cramped in places is a good opportunity for pickpockets practice group.Although caution to those you may have no measure all situations that may occur due to hard look around. This will be improved when you go on weekdays, limited number of visitors and we are not easily hand out pocket.

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