Cute little items should carry when traveling

You always want the minimized luggage but many things seemed very important not to bring, because they will need for your trip.

Noise Headphones

One of the biggest inhibitors are known airplane children cry.


The majority of flights will occur this. Therefore, to rest comfortably, especially long haul, do not forget to buy yourself a pair of headphones noise.

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Bags for dirty

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If cleaning is awkward, bring a dirt bag. Shoes dirty clothes will be set aside in this bag.

‘Weapons’ of sister


There is a small object attached to the bra is useful for you. With it, she can take credit cards, money or other things that are important in very tight places without fear of theft.

Increase the volume instruments


For those who want to hear the sound but does not affect other people, there was this instrument. This is the instrument sound from the speaker iPad user directly to the position you want. Therefore, sound will not spread, affecting people without demand.

Versatile iPhone shell


With this shell, you can take the sim and sim tools to conveniently retrieve. Do not rush subjective not carry instruments by not taking sim where you can easily find a very small spatula full replacement sim items taken.

Backup charger


If traveling to places not many amenities, this is certainly an indispensable tool. With compact charger backup, you do not worry about running out phone battery despite traveling all day on the road.

Balo convenience


This backpack can help the process of packing luggage faster. Just wide open, you can put in countless stuff. It also may become necessary at raincoat.

Integrated USB Pen


This is accompanied both USB pen with 4GB. With it, the tourist who just has to work can be assured.

Hooded Lightweight


The cap is attached to the coat flexibility may become raincoat when needed.

Luggage position detector


With this tiny machine, you’ll find luggage position if lost or stolen. This is a wireless positioning tools allowing luggage connected with a maximum radius of 60m. If someone took the luggage, it will automatically report to your phone. If luggage was taken off the radius connected, the computer will report the last position of luggage. The price of the machine is about 100 USD.

Convenient bags of sisters


The bag, which helps you feel secure when carrying secret items.

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