Experience of prevention and handling the snakes bite when traveling

Travel gear, especially when up the forest should be cautious with snakes and learn to handle when bitten, to avoid the risk of death or complications later on.

Here’s the knowledge you need to avoid and handle when suffering from snake bites during the trip.


Identify types of snakes

What should do first is to know the victim is attacked by snakes or snakes often, by observing the bite. For most types of snake bites leave toxic teeth marks 2. Also, the snake bite left teeth marks, row 2 is but have no toxic teeth marks.

The picture above is the dental snake bites, Snake’s teeth marks below usually bite. Photo: Eboi.

There are 4 types of snakes and very dangerous as: Snake Cobra, kraits Peng, Tiger and the grass snake.

Bungarus nia is kind of supper or come back to the House. When it bites the victim can full body paralysis. The early symptoms and most are shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, throat spasms until full body paralysis, immobility is. If not taken to the hospital for breathing air soon, the victim will die of respiratory failure.

With the Cobra Peng (also known as Cobra, Tiger Tiger, overweight often lead or Tiger land…), when bites often cause edema and huge muscle necrosis. Her limbs were Cobra Peng bite will swell vù, accompanied by muscle paralysis and can lead to death. If you lightly bite leading to disability if not timely emergency.

With Tiger snake bite venom when finished run the body very rapidly, making patients with edema, the paralyzed muscles and can die from respiratory failure or renal failure.

Grass Snake is one of four types of snakes can cause death easily. Photo: Herprman.

Longer grass Snake (having green as leaves) when the bite will cause the disorder of coagulation and bleeding, heart patients easy death.

How to prevent

You need to be wary of snakes biting when the hilly, country or areas such as lawns, woodlands. When traveling with small children should not be given kid climbing trees, as prone to accidents caused by falls or grass snake hiding in the upper attacks.

Wear boots, boots and long pants, shoes covered the Team Hat when going on the grass or the snake. Use lights when walked in the dark or at night, don’t sleep under the Earth, and be careful when going out to the summer, rain, darkness. In addition, you may be bringing some plants like Lemongrass, Tiger blade, compression, kudzu, orchids garlic … because they all have work to catch snakes.

A first-aid

When bitten patients should keep quiet, don’t move the area being bitten, the more powerful the more deadly venom movement spread out from the body. If the victims were bitten in the leg, then lets not go again, having to come to the nearest medical facility. Note do not slit, moulding-wound to get the Stinger because can not effect that cause bleeding, infection and increase the absorption of venom.

Meanwhile the tape being bitten by an elastic band large format or clean cloth to slow spread of the venom. Keep your hands or legs fixed, tight band just right because if too tight will clog veins in the wrists or legs. If not find circuits, the first-aid needs where the ice a bit.Wrap the tape around the arm or leg and wrap up the whole arm or to the knee, but should remember to check the circuit. Then wrap the splints to limit movements.

The first aid steps when a snake bite on his leg. Photo: auco.

To ease the pain for the victim to use acacetaminophen instead of aspirin. Stone cold also works to relieve pain and slow the spread of the toxin. After the wrap, hand or leg (where the snake bite) by a thick sheet of plastic and cloth, stone cold was crushed around it.

Note If stone cold too cold can injure the skin and meat, cold enough when the injuries start aching. So should the victim to decide whether removed stone cold in minutes or not.

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