Five arranging excursions great summer

Consider seriously, the most suitable place for you at the moment.

1. Compose smart map
Imagine before the beginning of each class arrangement. You should leave the lightest items, such as socks, underwear, at the bottom of bottomed suitcases. Next is heavier clothing but soft, easy to fold. This approach saves space.


Continue to fold and put some clothes remaining notes. Above all, you’ll leave personal items like towels, toothpaste …, minimalist furniture.

2. Select the location interesting transition fly

For holiday flights to interline journey, you should research carefully before booking. If possible, you try to choose places with many seats flying forwards fun and entertainment.

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Enlist fun, relax in the airport transfer. Photo: Sleepinginairports.

For example, in the US, San Francisco International Airport, JFK in New York, Seattle-Tacoma or on the list of best airports in terms of amenities, upscale restaurants, and many fascinating attractions. If you temporarily stop in Hong Kong, Zurich or London, you will not be disappointed.

3. Wear proper map

According to the Huffington Post, nothing expensive than at home about forgotten items. You’ll have to find a convenience store to buy things at your destination available. Besides these basic items, such as clothing, personal items, tickets, you do not forget something small for summer vacation: phone charger and laptop, sunglasses, warm clothing, basic first aid kit, prescription medications, painkillers, boxes, books, and cash.

4. Everything should leave

You should identify unnecessary items for summer vacation to make room for more useful things.

Try to limit electronic devices. Leave laptops, phones, game consoles will enable you to discover more of the trip. You can borrow a phone, “brick”, no Internet access functions.

Hong Kong, Zurich or London,
Let the entertainment electronics at home to discover trip. Photo: Piximoir.
You do not need to carry expensive items, such as jewelry value, or key. You do not have to worry about the risk of losing them on the road.

Above all, you should remove those shoes, sandals to travel more convenient, though they are very beautiful and fashionable.

5. Choose special places

Consider seriously, the most suitable place for you at the moment. Work overload? Maybe you should not choose the tour moving parts. Please choose the beach.

Want an exciting adventure? You can go hiking, or registered diving tour to explore the ocean.

You are adventurous culture? Let’s go around Europe, visiting the cathedral, the oldest historical buildings. Or you should drop into the bustling streets in Shanghai. Memorable excursions or not entirely depends on your decision.

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