Helpful tips on eating while traveling

Ask a local, eat streets, explore the culture of money tip is what you should do when traveling anywhere.

1. Select the restaurant prestige

The natives will know much food “delicious, cheap, tonic”. To a local, you have to ask people to take the onerous, taste the local specialties of the hearing aids. which pricing is less expensive.


2. Learn the menu

If the pre-set dining venues to avoid having to search for when to travel, you should also ask the riders ahead. Many restaurants now offer menus, price online, so it is not hard for you to find out about pricing or dishes where you intend to match the purse.

3. eat off the sidewalk

Select how the sidewalk dining, casual pubs as well as enjoy the dining culture where you come. Many bars sidewalk is very tasty but cheap.

4. Learn the culture of money tip

Each country has a different culture. You need to know how to “money boa” when using the service to not spend too much nor suffer for being stingy.

Person paying waiter for restaurant bill

Courteous behavior when the “boa” is something you should know.

5. Consider costs for dining

If you are the preferred cuisine, explore the famous restaurant, you should consider very carefully to and can spend on eating.

6. Select the items in the menu

When food is done, you should fold the menu back to the table to serve out you’ve done fine.

7. Don’t be afraid to questions about food

You should ask the staff about the dish if you issue queries. Don’t hesitate because otherwise you will encounter frustration if the incorrect dish as your expectations.

8. Should not take too much when eating buffet

Each item you should only take a minute to enjoy, so you will eat many dishes, enjoy a lot of flavor. Should not only eat the food I liked.

9. eat restaurant at noon

Eat those delicacies at noon makes you not fear of weight gain issues such as eating in the evening. Moreover in the afternoon the restaurant is usually cheaper than the price in the evening. Hence, go for lunch would be more economic that no quality difference.

10. To scarf up the Chair when you want to go to the bathroom

When to leave the table to go toilet or other work, let the towel on the bench. If left on the table, the waiter might be misread as you used it. Similarly, if you put the knife into the forks and plates of food, have the nose down, they will also understand the same.

11. shared Diet dish

If to the Western countries, especially when sitting with friends, you need to avoid sharing utensils or cutlery with someone else. Each person usually has a separate sauce Bowl.Common dishes will also have a separate tool to contact food. When eaten every one of his samples will turn to the disc of them then use the chopstick or spoon to eat.

12. Shared bills

If the group goes East, then sharing the Bill when dining is often done. Group as toll money again subdivided into the lower back, you have the opportunity to enjoy many more dishes.

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