How to travel abroad without fluent in the dialect?

Sounds hard to believe but you are assured of a smooth journey when the overseas without fluency, with few notes here.

Know about the place I’m going to

The most important thing is that you need to know where you are going to say … what language: English, French, Spanish or dialects. Following that, rather than focus on learning the rules of grammar of the new language that you should engage in an intensive foreign language classes to speak simple words like “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “please”, “Please speak slowly,” and “how much” of … These words will help you save a lot of time while talking with natives. Also the sentence “do you speak English not” speak the local language also helps you quite a lot.

You should learn some simple local words to communicate, make the trip smoother.

To secure safety for itself, you can learn some more words such as “help”, “police”, “emergency” and. ..

According to the report in 2014 of the prestigious web site specializing in travel of America Priceline, 53% of travelers have learned the simple words of native language in order to communicate better with the local people.

Using a smartphone

More than 60% of the visitors were using mobile phones to search for local hotels, restaurants and 30% used to make the tool translated into indigenous, according to reports from Priceline. One of the automatic translation tools are more users for now is Google Translate. However, to be able to use this utility, you must make sure your phone is connected to the internet.

Use your Smartphone as well as the way you help yourself when travelling home to wonder.

Actively interacting with the natives, although the use of body language

There are 69% locals excited to help out, just the way for you. Don’t hesitate to communicate with them because of inferiority are not standard. Natives don’t mind because of this, and sometimes they like it because the effort in communication, whether you say wrong.

Record the important information such as address, phone number, hotel needed by local language … well this is the way to a local can help when you need it. Also you can use hand gestures and body language to communicate. However, remember to delve into the hand gestures should not be used in the country you visit to avoid having annoying.

Don’t hesitate to chat, seek help from the local population.

Armed with at least one foreign language

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, but English is the language you can communicate in many places. So, please equip yourself with a full English so that in case of non-native speaking, you can still find help from the natives speak English.

You should equip yourself with enough English to communicate.

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