Ideal location to watch the fireworks from Da Nang

The city of beautiful beaches – will be an attractive destination in the holiday 30/4 and 1/5, along with the International Fireworks demos DIFC 2015.

The Danang International Fireworks (DIFC) is a competition of the sound and light. With the team’s Fireworks companies and event organizers from many countries, the competition has created a separate brand, brand of fireworks in Da Nang.

The program takes place on 2 consecutive nights 28-29/4 themed-Danang-A Symphony of colors. With five teams: the Fireworks for Africa (South Africa), Pyrotecnico team (USA), team Howard and Son Fireworks (Australia), Sorex Firma Rodzinna (Poland) and the home team Danang-Vietnam, this year’s Pageant will bring up a interesting competitions of 5 teams representing 5 continents, a theatrical art carries the message and own language.

1. The stand

If asked which is the most ideal place to see the fireworks in Danang occasions 30/4 and 1/5, the answer of a lot of people will be the Auditorium of the contest. Was built on the East Bank of the Han River and opposite the firing point (port), that’s where you really feel at ease when not jostle to leisurely enjoy the fireworks.

Same great melodies, you will get the real experience, complete with the competition showcased Danang International Fireworks this year. Besides, you also can directly enjoy the artistic performances so compelling and performed on the stage of the competition.


The competition showcased Danang International Fireworks this year with more than 11,000 tickets are sold out every night. Ticket prices will oscillate between 300,000 and 500,000 to stand depending on location.

2. Tran Hung DAO (Bach Dang Street East)

If you want to save the expense of Danang 30 holiday occasion/4 and 1/5 years now but still want to enjoy the whole brilliant Fireworks, Tran Hung DAO Street area would be a pretty good place. Located opposite the fire, Fireworks at Theatre East will bring to you the complete Fireworks experience with all those fireworks low, high altitude and the effect of the water.

The Tran Hung DAO (Bach Dang Street East) from Han River to the area of the stands will be installing speakers and the large projection screen to serve residents and visitors in the competition showcased Danang International Fireworks this year.

You should arrive early so you can get the location near the river-location much better.Although security will be clasped in the place of fireworks in the contest, you should also not subjective for wallets, cell phones, personal items, avoid to going on the loss of property in the unfortunate people.

3. Viet-the Sunshine (Bach Dang part)

Bach Dang Street-one of the most beautiful streets of cities-will also be the one to a point quite ideal. The road is decorated with coloured lights and the Visual effects on the structure.

As well as Tran Hung DAO, the competition showcased Danang International Fireworks this year along the Viet will arrange the sound system and big screen to help residents and visitors get to experience the most wonderful competition. The ideal location for you to enjoy Fireworks at Bach Dang Street area is the area opposite the people’s Council of Danang city and General Science Library Building. The vehicles will be banned from evening to late at night, so if you want to go into this area you will have to send a car.

4. Han River Bridge

Is a historical bridge that connects the two banks of the Han River and associated with miraculous change of Danang city, song Han Bridge seems to have become an iconic can’t speak to every time I mention this beautiful coastal city. You will have a beautiful vision, cover for city of Danang Ward, the bridges and other prominent buildings in the city as Thuan Phuoc bridge, bridge of the Dragon bridge, Chen Ly, “administrative center” corn left Danang, “milk cartons” Novotel’s … In the two nights of fireworks performances, from the Han River Bridge you will see a line of shimmering River, with fanciful bunches of flowers to each dragon boats drifting colors enough to pass just over the river.


Han River Bridge would also be one of the zone to the means of circulation in the time it took place so you will have to send the car if you want to request to see Fireworks. You can choose to send the car in the underpass on the East or West coast of the Han River. In particular, you should not listen to any of the information above any damage whatsoever, avoid panic when having this case. Please remain calm and promptly notify the duty police force to avoid chaotic situations that may occur.

5. the Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc bridge that connects son TRA Peninsula with the city centre, connects the road with Nguyen Tat Thanh Hoang Sa-Changsha travel routes make up the Sanju-Camellia-Hoi. Together with the other famous bridge of Danang, Thuan Phuoc bridge as a charming kid gentle brush strokes on the painting of Da Nang River.

The distance and height of the ideal of the Thuan Phuoc bridge will make you really comfortable to enjoy the fireworks show at the wonderful Fireworks this year. Yet it is noteworthy, the distance of 90 m above the river is not suitable for those who suffer from fear of heights. In addition, Thuan Phuoc bridge is a suspension bridge located in the mouth, so when you are standing on the bridge to enjoy Fireworks is easy to feel the sphere as is rocked when there is wind. That is the normal vibrations of the bridge.

6. Sit the boat along the Han River

Go along the banks of the river or sit on the boat are unforgettable experiences for visitors when arriving in Da Nang City in the heart of flows, the Han River as a strip of silk gently across the Han River Ward city Danang. occasions 30/4 and 1/5 of this year will be more brilliant and splendid with magnificent floral floats just ignored post on the river.


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