Korea Tourism Guide – What you should know

Tourism in South Korea in recent years, with visitors Free becomes ever more popular.

 Not only that, travel to the country located in the South of the Korean peninsula is more exciting than when South Korea make up the massive wave of cultural promoters and their amazing landscapes with the world.


South Korea or Korean or South Korea is the name of a country that seems very close to the Vietnamese people and the only known almost through the romantic film filled with tears, but most Free bubbly at this place. Is a country under the Republican President, whose economy is highly developed and very wonderful scenery, South Korea also presents to the world a very high ethnic religious self, sense of life seriously in modern society, and the responsibility of every citizen for himself, family , the society and the country. The main highlights, the world population has led to closer, more love on a lot of land of rice cakes simple but very well known.

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The appropriate time to travel to Korea

Climate and sea combined continental climate, and the weather in Korea seem good with 4 spring lower fall winter very distinctly. Probably the most pleasant spring in South Korea, lasting from March to may and. .. Summer in Korea lasted from June to August, the hotter spring but also relatively cool because less than 30 degrees C.

From September to November is autumn. The fall of South Korea also has a similar climate to spring, cool, charming best landscape and is about time goes pretty much Festival. From December to February is the time of harsh climates than because this is the time of winter, snowy weather and the temperature was so low that when cold below 0 degrees. However South Korea’s winter season has its own charm, though sad but contemplative landscapes are always warm by subjects to vibrant challenging winter, especially skiing.

The media come and gone back in South Korea

To get to South Korea, visitors can choose to make the Korean Air ticket by the Norwegian airline as Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air. Asiana and some other airlines, departing from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. With the solo off contact online from Japan or China may follow the sea to have more exciting experiences rather than going by air.

The transportation system in South Korea is growing so you don’t have to worry much. To move between cities in Korea, visitors can travel to save time, if not, could take the train with lower costs and a safe. To visit the inner city, you can take the bus is the most common public transport in the country of kimchi, or taking a taxi at a cost of no more than a convenient but mine stuck fast, pleasant or taking a bike to more thoroughly experience the beauty of the bows his way through.

Tourist attractions in South Korea

Tourism in South Korea very rich not merely impressive destinations that people usually seen on film, but also a lot of other wonderful vivid picture was always sufficient to conquer every visitors. Destinations in South Korea are scattered in many places, often in the most significant trip to South Korea, visitors are not able to bypass Seoul and its surrounding Seoul, followed by Jeju Special autonomous regions and areas in Eastern South Korea, where theisland of Nami is extremely famous.

To the southeast of South Korea, visitors will have the opportunity to know the city of Changwon -was viewed as home to many of the most wonderful natural landscape of South Korea, followed by Busan featured an innovative cultural traits traditions noted. From Busan to Ulsan and head south of Ulsan will the coastal city of Gyeongju ‘s tourist development with the very historical value that you should not miss.

With the northeastern Korea, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the city of Chuncheon not only owns a landscape full of love, the city also was seen as a land of festivals, especially in May and August every year, always enjoying boisterous.

If there is a chance for South Korea to, be sure to stop all visitors is the city of Gwangju kimchi Festival is famous for its characteristic of South Korean origin, along with outstanding Naejangsan National Park, the charming autumn gold.

How about 2 h by car from Seoul and only 40 mins train, you have come to the city of Daejeon -famous cities in the central region of South Korea, is the Centre for science education is important and was dubbed “the city of the” wisdom of the land in South Korea. Not only that, the space where it’s quite fresh and peaceful aligning long convalescence period of visitors.

Hotels South Korea

As a country of focus on developing tourism, Hotels South Korea was investing quite thorough and comprehensive infrastructure, service facilities and service style. As such, when given the opportunity to visit the country of kimchi, it seems not yet to have visitors come to mind regarding the stay. With several hundred typical hotels in Seoul, a series of diverse hotel in Jeju Island, with lots of name brand restaurant hotels in other major cities such as Busan, Deagu, Incheon, Gwangju, Deajeon, Ulsan, visitors feel secure in the easy selection of a hotel as Italy the financial suitable, as well as the schedule of his visit in this beautiful peaceful country.

Korean cuisine

Perhaps when referring to Korean cuisine, not only to visitors free, but with the tourists in the world are the most impressive culinary style of very private, very characteristic of this land. Korean cuisine is not too complex and can see clearly over the 3 threaded very pronounced as Korean court cuisine, local cuisine in Korea or regions with seasonal specialities and modern cuisine Korea creative diversity. Look under a simpler perspective, people still rely on dish, divided according to each team to easily distinguish the typical traits of South Korean cuisine as the food of normal, Tet holiday cuisine and seasonal dishes. Though divided as to how, the people enjoy or study about Korean cuisine are clear that the style of processing in Korean food not picky but always make sure are the two most typical feature is about the pure flavor of the dish and its style of presentation.

Shopping in Korea

Shopping in South Korea is also one of the important elements of world tourists. The first thing to mention in its stores in South Korea’s fashion and cosmetics. Right in the heart of Seoul, Myeongdong seemingly obvious destinations of all adherents of stores by this place is not only a cosmetic fashion Center Mall for South Korea, but also a place called “the beginning” for the movement and the new fashion style in the country of kimchi.

A private, commercial area of Dongdaemun concentrate tens of shopping and Dongdaemun always crowded, also provide special fashion jewelry accessories are extremely diverse. Alternatively you can visit the famous shopping area of Itaewon shopping district, zone, zone Garosugil Apgujeong-dong ,..

If to Busan, notable shopping with you would be Lotte Duty, to Deagu should not ignore fashionable Dongsungro.Given the drop in to visit the city of Daejeon, given you have to stop at In Busa-dong with the specialties of ginseng and medicinal herbs are well known. To Gwangju, your shopping points will certainly be the City Chungjangno -home to a full spectrum of cosmetic fashion goods, perfumes, ceramics and painting art very rich. And finally, if come across Ulsan, City of Mugeo with many popular restaurants, the shops offer a wide variety of items from souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics to electronics is sure to make you deal on the shops in cruise travel tour explores his Welding No.

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